Book: Leadership on the line by. Linksy & Heifitz

What do Linksy & Heifitz mean by “being on the balcony” versus “being on the dance floor”? How does one move back and forth between the balcony and the dance floor? Why is this an important part of leadership? Can you think of a time when you were evaluating a situation “on the balcony” or “on the dance floor”?

2. Linksy & Heifitz talk about finding out where people are at (starting on page 62), which includes being a good listener. What connections can you make between what they say about listening, and what Rabbi Jonathan Sacks teaches us about listening in his chapter “To lead is to listen” (p.251-255)

Requirements: 350- 500 words

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The authors outline that by identifying where the people are at, a leader must be a good listener. A leader must portray must good listening skills. Heifetz & Linsky (2017) outline that good listening skills allow the leaders to understand where they are currently and what they would prefer done. It allows leadership to understand the current barriers and gaps that need to be leveled or filled for an organization to achieve its goal.

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