manufacturing process

Question 1

In a 3 -page (minimum) essay, identify a consumer product that interests you, research online the manufacturing process, and describe in some detail the following: Page count does not include your introduction, abstract, and reference page. A minimum of 3 authoritative sources is required for this assignment.

The product(s) and the company identified with this product.

What factors do you perceive were critical in identifying where to locate the manufacturing operation for this product?

What type of operation layout best suits the kind of manufacturing required for this product?

What factors are essential to maintain an efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable production operation?

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Due to the global competitive marketplaces, manufacturers are committed to increasing the production activities’ productivity and efficiency. Manufacturing processes in a product life cycle (PLC) are critical in defining the product’s quality and cost (Bhangale, & Mahalle, 2014). An important element of the manufacturing process is the facility layout, which describes the arrangement of workstations on the floor to facilitate the movement of raw materials (Ahmad et al., 2020).  The automobile is a complex product, and the manufacturing process involves outsourcing operations to manufacture different components. Vehicle manufacturers consider creating and maintaining the core competencies in R&D within the organization and outsource other functionaries. This essay discusses the manufacturing process of the car as it relates to General Motors Co. Being a complex process and increasing demand for high productivity and quality manufacturing operation for vehicles involves different parts, and best utilizes the cellular layout within locations close to suppliers.