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Change Innovation

Change Innovation

Discuss the question using 3 APA reference within 5years with nursing content.

Discuss a problem that you have experienced with implementation of EHR system within your workplace or in a health care setting. What steps would you take to address the problem?

Requirements: .doc file

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Answer preview            Leadership is the act of influencing a group of people or employees to achieve a common goal. According to Hoch, Bommer, Dulebohn, & Wu (2018), leaders should possess specific skills or qualities to help them manage people and achieve the desired objectives. Effective leadership can be measured by the leader’s ability to understand a group of people or followers’ interests.  A leader should stick to the values of the followers.   In nursing, leadership is becoming an important ingredient in delivering cost-effective, safe, and quality care to all patients regardless of financial status, race, religion, or racial background.  Hoch et al. (2018) outline that the healthcare systems worldwide are experiencing multifaceted and complex challenges in providing safe, high-quality, and cost-effective care. Effective leadership has become a roadmap for ever-evolving, technology evolving, increasing disease acuity, and ever-rising health care costs.   Therefore, for a person to lead effectively, he or she must understand his or her core values, strengths, and leadership philosophy.