Mental and social well-being

Biology is the study of life. As a living creature, you are personally affected by studies, research and developments in this field. One of the ways to become better acquainted with the

is to investigate a biology topic that holds special interest to you.

Please choose a topic from below that you are interested in, and write 2 paragraphs explaining your thoughts about it. Please start your work by clicking “Create a Thread” – found in the upper left corner after you click on Discussion 1 above. You may choose any of the topics listed below.

Get information from at least 2 resources other than your textbook. You may use the web. Some useful websites are listed below:

Write an explanation of why this topic is of interest to you, and why it is relevant and important to you and others (2 paragraphs).

List your references: the 2 or more journals or other sources of information that you have used, other than your textbook.

Requirements: 2 paragraphs

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The topic of health, wellness, and disease are of interest to me because they are all closely linked, and a problem in one impacts the other. People must understand that wellness is an intentional, ongoing, and holistic approach to making healthy choices in different areas of life functioning. For instance, in the past two years, different impacts on every aspect of people and their wellness occurred unprecedentedly due to the pandemic. Therefore, people need to live while taking precautions because diseases can affect their health and interfere with their wellness. Understanding the topic is important to me and others because it informs an individual’s capacity for self-care and how to manage their health, which can reduce the burden of diseases (Madjar, Shachaf, & Zlotnick, 2019). Health is essential in one’s life because a lack of diseases and living a healthy lifestyle makes the mind remain active, which is of core importance to human happiness

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Mental and social well-being