Mock Forensic Presentation

Mock Forensic Presentation

Assignment Content

  1. Collaborate as a mock forensic team. Prepare a 2-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in addition to a chain of custody that proposes forensic evidence to be collected and analyzed in investigating one of the following hypothetical cases:

    • A murdered 18-year old female victim found on the bank of a river

    Address the following in your presentation:

    • A list of all team members present at the scene and their functions

    Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

  2. Include a title slide, headings, in text citations, foot notes, pictures, proper grammar

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Proposed evidence to collect includes body fluids: semen, saliva and blood, fingerprints, DNA, and gun residue from the crime scene. The motives for killing the victim, given that she is a young female, could be love gone sour. The victim could have been raped and murdered, and our focus will be on determining whether her clothes are intact and the presence of semen (Nat & Hk, 2019). If there are gunshot wounds, the focus will be on checking the existence of gunshot residue. Another vital thing we will look at is if she was killed elsewhere and dumped at the river bank or killed there. For this, the focus will be on the presence of footprints.