Offshore Drilling

Annotated Bibliography on Fracking or Offshore Drilling

  1. Review the sample Annotated Bibliography on child beauty pageants (WORD DOC ATTACHMENT) and use it as a guide to create your own annotated bibliography.
  2. Put all the annotations in ONE document and format everything according to the sample bibliography (WORD DOC ATTACHMENT). Remember to list sources in alphabetical order according to the first word of each source citation.
  3. Start by creating the MLA heading, page numbering and title on your paper as shown in the sample bibliography.
  4. Use THIS thesis: I will argue that fracking is better than drilling because it is more environment-friendly and is more cost effective and more beneficial to social and economic life.
  5. Select the THREE most suitable sources from using only these two links to support your thesis. ( AND (
  6. Create a citation for each source using MLA Works Cited.

Develop an annotation paragraph below each of the FIVE sources (THE THREE YOU FOUND USING THE TWO LINKS AND THE TWO PDF FILES). Each annotation should include:

  • a brief (100 word) summary of the whole article.
  • an evaluation (50 words) of how the source supports your argument and how you can use the information in your essay.

That is all the info thanks! Please make sure both the links work you need them to find the three sources that support the thesis.I HAVE ATTACHED FIRST ARTCLE HERE SENDING MORE LATER


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According to Gale, offshore drilling involves accessing natural gas and oil deposits from large water bodies in the continental mainland.  This method is used to extract offshore oil deposits located from 400 meters and beyond.  Gale alludes that offshore drilling involves using two types of wells, including development wells and exploratory wells.  Although drilling helps the country to meet its energy needs, it has negative implications on the environment.  According to Gale, the production of products such as oil and natural gas pollutes the environment.  The article highlights that the drilling methods generate large quantities of greenhouse gases and pollute both air and water. Also, it presents occupational safety challenges to the people working in the offshore drilling sites.  Despite the implementation of occupational safety standards, injuries, accidents, and work-related deaths in the sector remain common.  The government is expanding its drilling operations in the country to increase energy and expand its employment. (1017words)