Older adult care management

  1. Course Competencies:
    • Incorporate professional values, attitudes, and expectations regarding ageism when caring for the older adult.
    • Outline the importance of advocating for older adults in management of their care.

    Your supervisor provided some valuable feedback in response to your outline! They are excited to see the PowerPoint slideshow you are creating for your topic’s in-service training. Having developed a number of presentations for in-services, your supervisor offered the following advice:
    “When developing a slideshow, it’s important to be mindful of how you layout your content. For an in-service presentation, the slides should present key points, be arranged logically, without extraneous information contributing to a cluttered look. The audience should get a lot of the content from listening to what you say, not just from reading the slides. Using the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint is a great way to include relevant details that you want to provide without overloading the slides.”
    Your supervisor wants you to work from your outline and prepare a visually appealing PowerPoint slideshow for the in-service presentation. They said it should:

    1. Have a title slide.
    2. Contain 6-10 content slides pertaining to the important content areas for your presentation topic.
    3. Use the Speaker Notes feature in PowerPoint to reduce the amount of text that appears on the slides. (The Speaker Notes will contain the text that will guide what you say while presenting the slides.)
    4. Be written using proper spelling/grammar.
    5. Cite at least 2 credible references and present the sources in APA format on a References slide.

Requirements: 10 content slides

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  • Old age is a sensitive but very important phase where older adult care management is needed.
  • The importance of older adult care management include:
  1. i) Create awareness of the changing behavioral and health patterns to nurses and other caregivers.

-Lack of this awareness leads to abuse, neglect and discrimination by their caregivers and kin.

  1. ii) The second importance is that it provides a platform where elder people can air their challenges such as property disputes and other forms of violence.

iii) Finally, it helps healthcare professionals and caregivers to provide care and assistance

– This enable older people live a life full of dignity, health, peace and economic independence.

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Older adult care management