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Nurs3125 Pathophysiology discussion

The topic is Multiple roles of the professional nurse.

Please select one of the topics below and write a narrative of at least 200 words on the topic as it relates to nursing. It is a good practice to write your post in Word and then copy/paste into Canvas so you can spell-check. You must include 2 scholarly references in your initial post. Your scholarly reference must be from a current (last 5 years) peer-reviewed, nursing or medical journal. You may use textbooks and websites as additional references only. Everything must be cited in APA format. Check the rubric to be sure you earn all points for the assignment.

Respond substantively (minimum 100 words) to at least two people. You must include one scholarly reference for each of your responses. Include in your initial post the topic about which you are responding- To be sent later

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Nurses play multiple roles to enhance effective care and better patient outcomes. One of the roles is to establish effective communication with other healthcare professionals. While physicians and other specialists perform critical complementary tasks in care delivery, nurses play an essential role in responding to the needs of individual patients. It helps other professionals fulfill their complementary roles in the care process (Fakhr-Movahedi et al., 2016). Nurses utilize both verbal and non-verbal means to exchange information with other healthcare professionals for interaction. Communication also helps in making sound clinical decisions that help patients access quality services. The collective insight into the care plan also helps to provide safe patient care (Ghiyasvandian, Zakerimoghadam, & Peyravi, 2015). In the provision of nursing care, the nurse also promotes effective communication with the patients. (435words)