Perception of economics and finance

Please analyze and contrast the Introduction and Literature Review of the articles below. All Articles can be found in EBSCO.

Briggeman, J. (2013). Paul Krugman. Econ Journal Watch, 10(3), 400–410. Retrieved from!

What’s Wrong with Economics: A Discussion Between Paul Krugman and Jeff Madrick. (2015). Challenge (05775132), 58(2), 112–134.

Cochrane, J. H. (2011). How Did Paul Krugman Get It so Wrong? Economic Affairs, 31(2), 36–40.

You are expected to critically evaluate the three articles provided, identify themes and gaps, then synthesize what you have learned, keeping in mind Krugman’s economic impact. The paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in APA format.

Requirements: 1500 words APA

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When looking at the three articles, the authors Briggeman, Cochrane, and Krugman recognize the significant contributions economists make in a country that guide the design process of policies and trade patterns. Briggeman (2013) and Cochrane (2011) recognize the works of Krugman as an academic economist and the outstanding rewards he has received, recognizing his efforts. Further, in his article, Krugman recognizes his efforts in helping critics understand significant economic concepts. In his article, Krugman debates with Madrick, who criticizes mainstream economists for misleading the US government and the global sphere regarding issues like economic growth, inflation, and the cost of products (Krugman, 2015). However, it is evident in the articles that these authors take unique, positive, and negative approaches to highlight their views regarding Krugman’s way of thinking regarding the economy. For instance, Briggeman (2013) helps readers to familiarize themselves with Krugman by providing an ideological profile that explains his career growth and how he builds his economic stance with time.

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Perception of economics and finance