Personality traits


Personality assessments are widely used in the workplace for purposes of personal growth, career guidance, and personnel selection. Analyze the use of personality assessments in the workplace and discuss the types of concerns practitioners have about their use. In what types of circumstances would you recommend that an organization administer a personality assessment such as the MBTI assessment? In what types of circumstances would you not recommend the use of a personality assessment? Explain your answer, referencing course readings and other academic sources.

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Although personality assessments have proven to be effective in determining the personalities of an individual and whether they meet and fit into the requirements of an organization, they are however not applicable in all situations. Personality traits overemphasize given characters while undermining and omitting other factors, hence providing a distorted version of an individual (U.S. Department of Labor, n.d.). Hence, personality assessments should not be used solely for hiring practices. During hiring, different aspects of an individual are essential. This includes the skills, abilities, and knowledge of an individual.

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Personality traits