Pharmacological content

Given the context of a general anti-science movement in the world, what can we do as
scientists or pharmacologists to inform the general population about the principles of the
drugs they consume and their effects? Your next mission, whether you accept it or not, is to
write a popular science article on a topic related to pharmacology to educate a specific
the population of your choice.
• Approximately 500 words

• Use a catchy title.
• If you desire to format it as if it was an article in a magazine, go ahead. Making your work visually appealing also attracts the attention of your intended readership.
• Identify your target audience in the header.

Concepts considered during the evaluation:

  • Identify your public and appropriateness of its content to the public (children, general population,
    specific population (ethnicity, age, sex, etc.)
    • Clarity of the language
    • Clear goal/objectives
    • Appropriateness and accuracy of the pharmacological content
    • Context in society relevant to population of choice
    • Language lev

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The drug is contraindicated for patients who have had a hypersensitivity reaction before, as well as for HLAB*5701-positive patients. Physicians should make sure all patients are checked for the HLA-B*5701 allele before medication (GSK, 2022). In case of an adverse reaction, the medication should be discontinued (GSK, 2022). Besides this, physicians should ensure that children living with HIV-1 are tested for hepatitis B virus before initiating treatment with this medication (GSK, 2022). According to ViiV Healthcare, lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B virus variants linked to ARV regimens with lamivudine have been observed (GSK, 2022). Finally, when the drug is used to treat children who are suffering not only from HIV-1 but also from hepatitis B virus, physicians should consider using a supplementary treatment for pertinent chronic hepatitis B virus (GSK, 2022). Otherwise, physicians should look for an alternate treatment regimen.

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Pharmacological content