Organizational Climate

1. Your organization has been doing an Organizational Climate Survey for the past ten years. Every year the consulting firm you hired has presented the results to your senior management team (SMT). The SMT discusses the results to the mangers. You’ve joined the organization as Manger of Organizational Development. After some discussion with employees you’ve determined that these results were never given to the employees nor has anything ever been done with the results. Overall the results indicate low motivation, and job dissatisfaction. You also discovered that turnover is at 60%. Many people leave within one year of hiring. Include in your post:
o Describe the steps you would take in analyzing the situation.
o What specific recommendations would you make? Why?
o How SPECIFICALLY will you present your suggestions to Senior Leadership? What strategy would you use to present your ideas?
o Using a force field analysis model(driving and restraining forces), describe in detail the driving and restraining elements you anticipate as you work with this organization in implementing needed change.
o Pick two restraining forces and describe how you intend to overcome them.

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One of the recommendations that the manager needs to implement to address the issue presented in the case provided is to communicate the assessment results with the employees. The manager should receive the results pertaining organization’s climate survey. This allows them to compare whether the results coincide with their own responses. Secondly, the manager needs to address the employees’ concerns raised through the survey results (Varma, 2017). For instance, the manager needs to identify factors contributing to employees’ low motivation, job dissatisfaction, and higher attrition rate. In so doing, it will allow employees to feel that they are part of the organization.

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Organizational Climate