Planning for Community Change

DQ5 Community Nursing APA Format

Chapter 9: Planning for Community Change

1. Explain the planning process of community health improvement. Choose one of the models / tools for community health planning discussed in your book and explain it. (Please, mention which model / tool you chose).

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The process of planning for community health improvement involves the systematic and long-term efforts aimed at addressing the community’s public health problems. The planning process is based on the outcomes of community health assessment efforts, and it is a critical step in the process of improving community health. The process of developing the plan to improve community health is done collaboratively by the various stakeholders involved in community health. The planning process outlines the vision of the community’s health by addressing the areas of weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and existing challenges to propose ways in which the health status of that community can be improved (Pennel et al. 2016). The data collected from the community health assessment process is used to identify priority issues, development, and implementation of strategies for action and establish accountability to facilitate measurable health improvements. These are the components outlined in the community health improvement plan.(371words)