police and Judicial systems.

my topic is Excessive force by gender


You will write a one-paragraph dissertation abstract that offers a clear and concise summary of

your planned research project. The abstract should explain the purpose and significance of

the study and should detail the methodology. Descriptions of the methodology should include the

design, the sample, setting, and data collection and analysis methods. The abstract should be

brief and concise; approximately 250 words is recommended, but not more than one page. The

abstract should be written as one, double-spaced paragraph. Citations are not necessary.

Requirements: 250

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One of the defining moments of truth I have experienced in our country’s policing is when I encountered a police officer responding to an assault on a middle-aged woman in my apartment. The officer was swift to respond to the 9-1-1 call I made and was compassionate in handling the victim and ensuring she received medical attention, for she was injured. Later, when the matter was settled and the culprit responsible for the assault arrested, the officer called to check on the victim, indicating how compassionate and caring he was towards offering his services to the community. Even though the officer was only responsible for responding to the call and assessing the situation, he still reached out later to confirm if everything was going well. Simple acts of kindness make one trust and have faith in the police system (Cronkhite, 2013).

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