Political deviance

After reading the case in the Activity “Something’s Rotten in Hondo,” provide an example of an ethical dilemma you have encountered in your professional life. Using the theories and suggestions from the reading, compare and contrast the way you approached your dilemma to the way Bill handled the ethical dilemma in the case study. What was the outcome regarding your dilemma and what, if any, suggestions from the reading would you employ next time? Do you agree or disagree with the way Bill handled his situation? Please illustrate your response with examples from the reading.

Something’s Rotten in Hondo


In this scenario, George, the plant manager, must make a decision about how to handle air contamination caused by the plant where he works. What would you do if you were George? Which ethical decision making rule would you apply to help guide your decision? Why?

Hondo Mini-Case


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Refusing to take the Bangladesh offer cost our company money as the profit margins were small. However, given a chance again, I would still take the opportunity but report the company to the local authorities for them to adhere to ethical principles. I agree with the way George handled his dilemma by accepting to retain the company in Hondo and run it at night to avoid EPA testing (Lefkowitz, 2021). That is because moving the firm to Mexico would have cost a lot of people income, including his family. Also, moving the plant would cause more pollution to the people of Mexico and Hondo. Therefore, it was better to retain the plant in Hondo and reduce air pollution in Mexico until they get money to buy new scrubbers.

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Political deviance