Professional and Business Ethics

You will interview a working person about:

The ethical issues that a person encounters at work or sees others encounter

How those issues are resolved

Whether your subject believes the issues are handled fairly for all concerned

  1. Don’t use the interviewee’s last name or the name of their employer.
  2. The interview description plus your comments about how this issue relates to one of the modules should total 500 to 750 words. Please write in your own words

Please follow the attached requirement.

Professional and Business Ethics


You will interview a working person about:


  1. Don’t use the interviewee’s last name or the name of their employer.
  2. The interview description plus your comments about how this issue relates to one of the modules should total 500 to 750 words. Please write on your own words

Modules 1:

  • Utilitarianism
  • Libertarianism
  • Egalitarianism
  • Business Ethics
  • Moral Standards
  • Professional Codes of Ethics

Modules 2:

Modules 3:

  1. Workplace Issues
  2. Scientific Management
  3. Employment-at-Will
  4. Labor Unions
  5. Employee Responsibilities
  6. Conflicts of Interest

b Insider Trading

  1. Proprietary Data and Trade Secrets
  2. Whistleblowing
  3. Job Discrimination

Sexual harassment

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This issue relates to Module 3: Job Discrimination under sexual harassment. Jane’s story is not unique because, according to Johnson et al. (2018), approximately 35% of working women have experienced sexual-related harassment at least once over their careers. This number jumps to 45% for women working in technical fields that men majorly dominate. Additionally, about 55% of women in the senior management levels also experience some form of sexual harassment because men majorly surround them. Johnson et al. (2018) adds that according to the complaints received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2018, about 16% of the total sexual harassment cases were from men. This means that even men also experience sexual harassment. Organizations need to develop strict policies and measures to prevent any form of sexual harassment in the workplace. The employees should also be made aware of what sexual harassment is and ways to avoid it. Decisive and swift actions should be taken on all sexual harassment reported cases after thorough investigations have been done.

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Professional and Business Ethics

Eastern ethical systems

  1. Competency

    This competency will allow you to demonstrate your understanding of notable Eastern ethical systems through explanation and description.


    Often, when one thinks of ethical perspectives in the workplace, the focus tends to be on theories such as utilitarianism and egoism. While there is certainly a place for these two theories in the workplace, there remains a whole world of different perspectives and systems. For this deliverable, you will be creating a pamphlet that highlights Eastern Ethical Systems and their benefits within the workplace. Your pamphlet will need to address the following topics:

    The pamphlet that you are creating will vary in length. Draw attention to your pamphlet by using well-placed art, an easy to read design with your content, and effective use of color.
    Looking for information on how to create a pamphlet? Check out

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Therefore, a Buddhist should avoid sexual misconduct, causing pain to the living beings, avoiding false speech, avoiding consuming substances that may cause impaired judgment, and not stealing.

Confucianism is a belief system that originated in ancient China and played a significant role in founding the Chinese culture. It is well known as an ethical guide that discusses issues of good morals in the community and how one interacts with people. Therefore, many people have debated whether Confucianism should be considered a religion. Although there are no Confucian gods, temples have been developed in important communities with civic

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Eastern ethical systems

Ethics Around the Globe


Relate one’s moral framework to notable ethical theories on the topic of justice.


The topic of justice manifests itself in a variety of ways, and is often discussed in broad terms. What does justice mean to you? In this assessment you will address the subject of justice and related ethical theories. In a properly formatted, researched paper, you need to address the following questions:

In your paper, ensure that you use credible academic sources, and cite them properly.

Requirements: 3-5 pages

plagiarism check and just strictly answering the question as asked.

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Additionally, the basis of equality includes the state of being treated equally in several aspects, including status, opportunities, and rights while in society. Therefore, a good foundation of justice provides that members of society should be given fair treatment and similar opportunities according to their rights regardless of their diversity (Yeshiva University, 2020). Furthermore, impartiality involves treating all society members fairly irrespective of their class or status, which is paramount in relation to morality.

Rawls’ Foundation of Justice, And How It Relates to My Understanding of Justice

John Rawls, an American philosopher, describes justice as the ability of people in the society to hold equal fundamental rights and cooperate within the economic system.

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Ethics Around the Globe

Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study

Project – Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma


3) Your project should include, but is not limited to:

a) A factual summary of the ethical dilemma that the organization experienced;

b) the organization’s reaction to this dilemma.

c) how the organization’s reaction to the situation affected each of the major stakeholders in this situation. Include each stakeholder’s position in this case and their reaction;

d) your opinion as to whether the organization responded in the most ethical manner possible;

e) several alternative responses that the organization could have taken and the probable consequences of each;

f) what are the possible ethical theories that could be employed to guide the firm through the dilemma;

g) describe how the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders changed after this incident, if at all; etc.

4) It is recommended (optional) that teams visit the CBC with any questions that they have regarding the presentation of their project


Essay topic: Samsung’s Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study…

Just write the part of e and f.

Requirements: 4- pages

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paramount in ascertaining that local Chinese and international labor laws are not violated by the stakeholders and keeping them on their toes. This aspect is lacking in the company’s role in social responsibility despite having a compelling and ethical Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy (Samsung, n.d). Periodical audit will aid in identifying loopholes in the stakeholder’s practice, including unethical issues and law violations that may affect the company. Furthermore, this will help establish a strong foundation based on ethical practices by the stakeholders to avoid action being taken against them for misconduct. In addition, the company should have reviewed the stakeholders’ and contracted suppliers’ workforce policies to ensure they align with the company’s employee relations laws. For instance, the age requirement for employment and reviewing employees’ contracts to verify the eligibility of the information provided.

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Ethical Dilemma of Child Labor Case Study

Levels of human sexual intercourse.

After studying the course materials located on Module 3: Lecture Materials & Resources page, answer the following:

  1. Name and explain the levels of human sexual intercourse.
  2. Difference between reproduction and procreation.
  3. What are the two dimensions of intimacy?
  4. Contraception:
  5. Non-Therapeutic sterilization; bioethical analysis
  6. Principle of double effect; explain
  7. Bioethical analysis of:
  8. In Vitro Fertilization(IVF):
    • Process
    • Bioethical analysis of IVF
  9. Bioethical analysis of “to have a child”
  10. Read and summarize ERD paragraphs #: 40, 41, 42, 48, 52, 53.

Submission Instructions:

Requirements: 3 pages

Read and watch the lecture resources & materials below early in the week to help you respond to the discussion questions and to complete your assignment(s).

(Note: The citations below are provided for your research convenience. You should always cross reference the current APA guide for correct styling of citations and references in your academic work.)


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Mechanical contraception involves using condoms, intrauterine devices, and cervical sponges to prevent pregnancy. Surgical contraception involves clinical processes such as tubal ligation in women and vasectomies in men (Lucke & Hall, 2014). Chemical contraception is the ingestion of estrogens and progestin in pills and using injection doses to prevent procreation.

  1. Risks / Side effects

The risks of contraceptives are health issues such as stroke, liver tumors, and blood clots. Also, it is linked to high risks of breast cancer and heart attack. The side effects of contraceptives include increased weight, vaginal infection, nausea, and dizziness. Other side effects are abdominal pain, irregular bleeding, headaches, and changes in appetite.

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Levels of human sexual intercourse.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

IVF & Natural Family Planning

After studying the course materials located on Module 4: Lecture Materials & Resources page, answer the following:

  1. Description and bioethical analysis of:
  2. What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?
  3. Describe the 3 Primary ovulation symptoms.
  4. Describe the 7 Secondary ovulation symptoms.
  5. Describe various protocols and methods available today.
  6. Describe some ways in which NFP is healthier than contraception.
  7. Bioethical evaluation of NFP as a means and as an end.
  8. Read and summarize ERD paragraphs #: 38, 39, 42, 43, 44, 52.

Submission Instructions:

Requirements: 2-3 pages



  • Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services (6th ed.). (2018).
    Paragraphs: 38, 39, 42, 43, 44, 52

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One of the secondary ovulation symptoms is mittelschmerz which refers to ovulation pain in the lower abdomen. It occurs fourteen days prior to menstruation. Another symptom is ovulation spotting, whereby a woman experiences light bleeding during this cycle, although it is not common in all females. The third symptom is the swollen vulva, which occurs in the area where ovulation occurs. Fourthly, increased libido, which is stimulated by high estrogen levels. However, libido is low due to reduced estrogen when ovulation is not taking place (Gnoth et al., 2016). The fifth ovulation symptom is breast tenderness caused by high progesterone hormones. The tender breasts result in pain in the nipples, and fluid delays as the breasts prepare for lactation and conception. The sixth symptom is bloating, which occurs due to increased fluids in the lower abdomen stimulated by progesterone. Lastly, ferning is a symptom of the mucus forming fern in its secretions. It is a result of sodium chloride crystallization on the mucus.

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Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

Concepts of Utilitarianism Ethics

Read excerpts from Bentham’s Principles of Morals and Legislation from the link provided. (1) Using your own words, give a brief summary of utilitarianism; (2) Select two quotes from the reading to discuss key concepts of utilitarianism ethics; and, (3) Provide an example from a contemporary ethical issue (provide link and explain). (250 words minimum).

Requirements: 250 words minimum

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An example of a contemporary ethical issue is Ford Motor Company is an organization that has existed for well over a century. The company has, since its inception, endeavored to manufacture high-quality and safe vehicles. However, between the early 1970s and the late 1980s, Ford dealt with a serious safety scandal involving its Ford Pinto (The Spokesman-Review, 2008). A leaked memo from the company implicated senior management in the injuries and deaths of many people using the Ford Pinto (The Spokesman-Review, 2008). When faced with the dilemma of whether to recall its faulty car and incur considerable expenses

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Concepts of Utilitarianism Ethics

Applied Ethics Political Perk

Your Original Post must answer the question fully in all its parts and address possible objections to your ethical reasoning. You must also connect your Original Post to the course by having at least one full sentence quote and citation from one of the Required Readings of the week or the Case Study. The quote should be word for word and contained inside quotation marks and then followed by an inline citation. Once you quote something or even reword something you did not originally write then you need to have it in a reference section at the end of the post (again in MLA format). Please refer to the following resources for help on MLA citation.

DISCUSSION QUESTION :Applied Ethics: Political Perk?.

Read the following ethical dilemma from the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics:

Should the mayor accept “political perks” as part of his job? Nadler, Judy, “Political Perk or Part of the Job?” Markkula Center for Applied Ethics (2006)

How does Egoism and Social Contract Theory help us make sense of Mayor Gibson’s ethical dilemma? What unwritten “contract” does a politician have with her constituents that affects her ethical behavior? Use your understanding of the readings, your own experiences and ethical reasoning to make your argument. Make sure to address possible objections to your argument. Required reading is att

Requirements: 2 pages

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Ethical egoism explains that one’s interests must be in accord with morality. It also explains that one acts morally upright if one promotes their best interests. Based on our case study, it is clear that Mayor Gibson is acting according to ethical egoism. The Mayor’s interest is to treat all community members equally without any favors or discrimination (Smith, Adam, 1759). The dilemma comes because the Mayor wants to act morally by adhering to his moral codes. Egoist suggests that all behaviors are motivated by one’s self-interests. Therefore, it is clear that the Mayor’s self-interest is to keep his office clean, and that’s why he is in a dilemma on whether to accept the VIP ticket or decline it.

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Applied Ethics Political Perk


Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion

Prompt and Instructions:

Requirements: 300 words

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The information presented in the text has challenged me, posing to ask why a law would force a pregnant mother to keep a pregnancy resulting from rape and end up mistreating the baby throughout its development when they remember the ordeal? I believe pregnancy should be wanted, and every baby deserves to be valued, loved, and nurtured before and after birth. As the Bible states in John 1:14, the Church and the believers should embrace grace and truth to see the glory of God, meaning that they must live in an atmosphere of true love and grace-filled. While not condoning abortion procured with unsound reasons, I believe that the ethics of the Sabbath encourages Christians to love and support everyone, including pregnant women who decide to abort, on rational grounds. Hence, an ideal approach that would ensure that believers keep the ethics of the Sabbath would focus on encouraging them to visit such women and give them spiritual and emotional support. Such measures would help these women to regain strength and self-value.

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Ethical Issues Regarding Abortion

The education profession and the national Code of Ethics

In this assignment, you will research and become familiar with codes of ethics that guide your work.

Access your state’s code of ethics for the education profession and the national Code of Ethics.

If you are not a teacher, find the most appropriate code of ethics for your professional area, such as the American Telemedicine Association, or the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

To complete the assignment, you will determine the appropriate and legal courses of action in response to three case studies as stated below but more detailed in the syllabus.

Part I – Be sure to read the details of the cases described and answer the questions accordingly. State the name of the case, then write a narrative addressing the questions.

  • Summarize the main legal and ethical components from the national, state,and professional codes of ethics in a brief, but informative narrative that includes a discussion of the following focal questions.
  • Who or what is the educator’s primary concern?
  • How can the educator strive to achieve and sustain the highest degree of ethical conduct?
  • What are the types of behaviors (e.g., bullying,child abuse,etc.) that the educator should
    report to administration?
  • What are the reasons for suspension of a professional?

Review and respond to the following case studies within the context of the codes of ethics:

Case Study 1:You are a high school social studies teacher and one of your students has come to you upset that one of the other students in class has been sending him threatening emails and
pornographic photos during a class group project. According to the ethics codes and district faculty
policies, what should be your plan of action for addressing this issue?
Use the Web sites below, or review your state and district policies as a basis for developing your plan of action, noting references to state and/or district policies as appropriate.
Stop Bullying

Case Study 2: All teachers in your school have a laptop to use in their classrooms and for
instructional planning at home. When the computer was delivered, you briefly reviewed the district
policies during a departmentalmeeting; however, during the past six months, several teachers have
been questioned about their Internet and e-mail use with these laptops.You realize that you must use school property appropriately.Based on the ethics codes and district faculty policies, what should be your plan of action for using the laptop?
Use the Web sites below or review your state and district policies as a basis for developing your plan of action.
Broward County, Florida
Policy 5306 – Schooland Technology Usage…
Generated: 5/5/2018 Page 4 of 13
Miami Dade County, Florida
Policy 7540.01 – Technology Privacy
PalmBeach County, Florida
Policy 3.29 – Acceptable Use of Technology by Employees

Case Study 3: As a new high school teacher, you are assigned to teach an intensive reading class in which three students are consistently not showing progress. After reviewing the students’ records
(e.g.,academic achievement progress in other courses,attendance and disciplinary records,
intervention plans and other test scores,and state standardized test scores) you develop highly
effective instructionalstrategies using technology for meeting these students’ learning needs. Since
your instructionalapproach has proven to be so successful, several teachers approached you with
sharing the students’ background information,as wellas your instructionalstrategies. You are
concerned about infringing on the students’ privacy rights; consequently, you develop a plan of action to address the teachers’ requests, but also address student records concerns.

Part II – Finally, reflect on the application of one case study to your school responsibilities. What must you do to avoid this type of professional and ethical conflict in the future?

Identify and describe three additional resources for use by those in your profession who wish to
avoid professional and ethical conflicts Ethics.

Requirements: 5-7

This is for my wife. She is a Kindergarten teacher at North Gulfport Elementary in Gulfport MS.

This is the syllibi. This is Assignment 3 on the it.

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As a high school social studies teacher, one of my students approached me and pointed out that one of the other students in the class has been sending him pornographic photographs and threatening emails when undertaking a class group project. As an educator, the NEA code of ethics requires me to strive to assist all students in realizing their potential as effective and valuable members of society (NEA, 2020). To meet this obligation, I have to make all reasonable efforts to protect my students from harmful conditions that might impede their learning or those threatening their health and safety (NEA, 2020). Sending threatening emails and sharing unsolicited pornographic photos is tantamount to cyberbullying.

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The education profession and the national Code of Ethics