Ethical Decision Making

The focus of this paper is the integration of acquired knowledge to develop an ethical decision-making process/model for use in making biblically informed decisions in your personal ministry context. The final product should be more than a general, philosophic description of your ethical commitments. It is designed to help you articulate a practical model that you can use as a future guide for moral/ethical decision-making.


You will formulate a process/model for making biblical decisions in your personal ministry context and summarize yourapproach in a 1,500–1,800-word paper in current Turabian format. Your model must be biblical in nature, using Scripture as a guide for rational decision making. A fully developed paper must:

Demonstrate an understanding of ethical theory.

Reflect a biblical worldview.

Concisely integrate Scripture and ethical reasoning in a logical, coherent manner.

Clearly describe the steps you will take to analyze an ethical issue.

Explain how you will analyze ethical options that appear to be in conflict.

  • Should contain a minimum of three scholarly sources (textbooks, books or scholarly articles).

This paper must be treated as a short research paper. It will be primarily judged on the coherence of the arguments/conclusions presented. The essay must demonstrate a master’s-level use of the English language. This assignment requires critical thinking, logical progression of thought, and appropriate organization. In addition, you must meet the following standards of style and form:

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

Requirements: CHICAGO/TURBIAN | Research Paper | 7 pages, Double spaced

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Secondly, the theory is easy to understand and straightforward enough for Christians to integrate it into their daily lives.[1] Christians are confronted by numerous challenges and dilemmas that need decision-making. Using the PLUS Ethical Decision-Making Model, they have a clear and instant procedural path that will aid them in making instant, sound, and moral decisions. Besides, the model is descriptive enough to offer a holistic approach to ethical decision-making.[2] Unlike other definitive ethical decision-making models, the PLUS Ethical Decision-Making Model offers essential details on how Christians can make decisions that meet Biblical teaching’s moral criteria. The model consists of seven procedural steps that a Christian should evaluate before making an ethical decision.

[1] Spencer, Nick. The evolution of the West: how Christianity has shaped our values. Westminster John Knox Press, 2018, 62.

[2] Spencer, Nick. The evolution of the West: how Christianity has shaped our values. Westminster John Knox Press, 2018, 72.

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Ethical Decision Making