Advanced Nursing practice

Ethical Issues

  • Discuss the following using discussion 4 APA reference:
  • Describe two ethical principles and why you believe these principles are important to health care.
  • How prepared do you feel that you are to handle ethical challenges in the advanced Nursing practice setting?
  • Describe an ethical issue you have encountered in the clinical setting. How was the ethical issue handled?
  • How might you apply ethical theory in your future practice as a health care professional?

Requirements: 3 pages

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During my internship, I met a patient who refused to receive the medicine I prescribed to her because she believed that they should not take drugs (Varkey, 2021). Based on the principle of autonomy, a patient can refuse to receive medicine. However, as a healthcare professional, one must make sure a patient gets the best treatment possible. To the that was a complex medical dilemma. To resolve such an issue, I had to call my supervisor, who talked with the patient to hear their concerns about medicines. After understanding her background, I informed the patient about the benefit of the medication in her health. We came to an understanding in an atmosphere of openness, respect, and honesty, and the patient received the medicines.

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Advanced Nursing practice