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Question Description: Resiliency as it relates to harsh conditions endured in Romanian orphanages. What other types of situations can you think of in which resiliency is necessary for a child or adult to experience a positive outcome? What are some protective factors that could foster resiliency in those situations?
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            In Psychology, resilience refers to a person’s ability to withstand any mental and emotional tribulations (Weir, 2014). Resilience plays a vital role in people’s lives by helping them stay positive and overcome any challenging situations they face. Romania came into the global spotlight for the mistreatment and abuse taking place within its orphanages. These children showed a lot of resilience to deal with the harsh and inhuman conditions they got subjected to. The first thing to note is that most children were not orphans (Weir, 2014). They were children abandoned because their parents could not support them. The disabled children had it worse, considering they did not have access to medication and proper treatment. Also, the children were physically and sexually abused by their caregivers. As a testament to their resilience, these children, when first encountered by outside observes, never even cried or made any noises to show their discomfort or pain, considering the harsh conditions they were living in (Weir, 2014). Going through all this suffering and withstanding it was something admirable. Their resilience paid off because once the international community got wind of what was happening in the country, the children got the help they needed.