Why are people prejudiced? Do you recognize your own prejudices? Have you ever had a prejudice against a group of people? Explain. Have you ever been a victim of prejudice? Explain. Please discuss this topic freely and do not be afraid to admit your prejudice as we can all learn from one another. To make you more comfortable, I admit that I have a prejudice when it comes to teenagers and the elderly.

Requirements: 300-350

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I once had a bad encounter with a mentally ill person, and that has stuck in my head that mentally unstable people are dangerous. Although not all mentally ill people are dangerous, I usually distance myself from them for fear that they will harm me. Society always feels prejudice toward people who do not act according to the norms or those who break social patterns. For instance, people who practice abortion are seen to break societal and religious norms. A dislike of such broken patterns is highly prevalent in our cultures (Paluck, Porat, Clark, & Green, 2021). I have been a victim of prejudice. People have always thought teenagers are no more selfish than anyone else, mainly because they are spoilt. A few years ago, I was at a family-friends gathering, and the family matriarch offered us some snacks. However, she said to me, “make sure you share with others. I know how selfish teenagers can be.” That came as a surprise to me because my family teaches us that we are all

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