Problems Faced by Prison Employees


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This Unit’s Homework

What are some of the major problems encountered by prison or jail employees? And how are these similar to other positions in the criminal justice system?


(I would like to use California problems for prison or jail employee’s and how the similarities are for other positions in the criminal justice system).

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Prison facilities are meant for the isolation of convicted offenders from the community regardless of age, sexuality, or cultural background. Therefore, prison contains different kinds of people, including old and young adults with different cultural beliefs and orientations. Prisoners are forced to live together in one facility, which increases conflict as well as complicating the delivery of client-centered services. As a result, prison employees are the ones who face challenges when trying to provide prison services to all inmates. In California, prison facilities hold people from different races, including White Americans and African Americans. Also, Californian prison facilities have both young and elderly adults who need to be handled differently. Besides, California has criminal justice policies like capital punishment that might challenge employee’s ethical considerations.