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NP and APN Roles Comparison

NP and APN Roles Comparison

Compare and contrast the primary care NP role with other nursing advanced practice roles and the role of physician assistants. What are the similarities among the roles and what are the differences? What are some growing areas of nursing specialization in nursing, and how do you see this continuing to evolve in the future? For example, informatics and disaster nursing are a growing area of nursing specialization that grow from specific needs in healthcare. What do you envision when you consider the roles of nursing advanced practice in the future?

APA 7th Edition

3 Reference

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Information technology (IT) has gradually and steadily become a crucial element in business planning. Several reasons necessitated IT governance in the business world. Among them was the lack of coordination between business objectives and IT functions, which limited business success. Before IT governance, companies were not operating at their optimum level because they had not aligned their future goals to the IT needs and resources, which would make these goals a reality (Gregory, Kaganer, Henfridsson & Ruch, 2018). Companies that had any IT investment would rarely achieve a substantial return on their investment. Stakeholders, therefore, had little confidence in the opportunities and benefits that IT offered. Also, there was poor risk management in the management of IT infrastructure and resources, especially data. Companies did not fully utilize their IT investment to help them make predictions on how different factors would influence their growth and success in the future. Finally, IT governance was necessitated by the government expectation of businesses to comply with corporate governance and public listing rules and requirements.

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