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proposed legislation

Choose Topic: Health and Medical
Select number of pages: 1
Question Description: This is question 2 for a power point presentation so just need points do not need paragraphs. I already submitted question 1. 200-250 words for a slide.
A description of the proposed legislation and your group’s stance on whether it should be passed.

As nurses we are for this bill.

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  • The California Legislation SB-852 is a prescription of drugs law approved by Gavin Newsom, California’s Governor (Jeremias, 2020).

  • The law requires the partnerships that the California Health and Human Services Agency (CHHSA) enters in consultation with different state departments to increase the accessibility of affordable drugs to patients.

  • As a nurse, this law enables patients with diverse health conditions to acquire medication at reasonable prices. The healthcare costs that have been skyrocketing by the day have made it challenging for patients, such as diabetics, to access insulin at affordable prices.(4 slides)