Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner

Prior to starting the course, you should have applied for a practicum site following the guidelines for psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) practice. Now it is time to make it official. For this Assignment, you provide your Clinical Faculty with information about your practicum site, your Preceptor, and your clinical calendar.

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The Assignment

Complete the designated areas of the Practicum Site Information Form. Include your practicum site and contact information; your Preceptor and contact information; and a schedule of when you plan to engage in onsite practicum activities.

Students must provide their schedule in the form of a monthly calendar with the time written out on the appropriate date. For example, writing 8 hours on the 5th day of the monthly calendar slot is not acceptable. You must enter 8am-4pm or 10pm-6pm in the day slot of the monthly calendar. Students need to complete the calendar for the whole quarter to demonstrate to the faculty the total number of hours to be completed this quarter.

Requirements: 4 pages


 Please, follow the posted instructions carefully. This assignment will need an introduction and concluding part, and 5 most recent APA 7th edition references from 2017.

This is a sample, please follow this pattern.

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Planned Activities: There are systematically planned activities to increase professional skills for legal and ethical conduct. Most critical is to have a mentor from the Psychiatry and Psychology department to inform on the updated requirements. I will review the most critical ethical dilemmas within the organization and the state to understand the best cause of action. I will also attend webinars and workshops on ethical and legal conduct to improve my professional skills. I will familiarize myself with specific guidelines on appropriate practice within the clinical setting and in the use of telemedicine (Nittari et al., 2020).

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Psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner