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Renal disorder

Concept Process 2- choose a gastrointestinal or renal disorder. 1 System Disorder Template on that disorder, 1 Basic Concept Template related to that disorder, and type up a 1 page paper (double-spaced) about how the two concepts align and cite your sources (reference page is a separate page).  Please cite your sources even if you are using textbooks.

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The glomerulus inflammation is one of the conditions that result in chronic kidney disease (CKD). In other words, CKD is one of the significant complications of glomerulonephritis resulting from the constant damage of the kidney. Over time the inflammation causes the kidney to lose its filtering ability (Mayo Clinic, 2020, February 6). Major symptoms and risk factors by patients of acute inflammation are also evident in CKD patients. Both glomerulonephritis and CKD patients demonstrate high incidences of diabetes and hypertension. Patients, in general, demonstrate similar precursors for cardiovascular disease.(442words)

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