Semantic networks

You are creating a non-narrated presentation. Using at least 10 slides (elements, etc.), discuss how you will develop knowledge of word meanings and word consciousness within your classroom, school, or home. What explicit instruction strategies can be employed to help students learn vocabulary? Can you describe incidental instructional strategies that may also help students learn new words? What are 5-7 ways you could teach vocabulary in grades K-2? Please include images (cited) and cite your resources in APA 7 format.

Requirements: 10-12 slides

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  • The teacher needs to develop semantic networks
  • a teacher needs to ensure that they are giving them many connections and experiences
  • This helps them comprehend the meaning, applicability of, and the different variances of the word
  • Explaining the meaning of the word, why it is used, and where it is used makes it hard for the learners to forget

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