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Short Essay-wellness

Short Essay-wellness

Choose one of the examples of Complementary and Alternative (CAM) treatments from the text, Wellness Counseling, Chapter 5: Complementary and Alternative Treatments (p. 63-70).


Write a 2-page essay where you specifically discuss Wellness Counselor Philosophy and highlight one approach from the list of Complementary and Alternative (CAM) treatments in the text, Wellness Counseling by Granello.

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Just Answer the question, ignore the book, and do research from other sources.

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According to wellness counselor philosophy, wellness is a many-sided approach to our way of living, promoting being well in all life dimensions. This philosophy contrasts the traditional way of argument that wellness is only the absence of an illness or a disease. People’s wellness requires determined active engagements and making sound choices that support wellness (Granello, 2013). Wellness is special to each person and entails a dynamic process subject to change with every new encountered experience. In most societies, there have emerged a pro wellness campaigns by community leaders and healthcare professionals trying to educate their subjects on the advantages and ways of attaining wellness living standards. To achieve wellness, there are numerous wellness dimensions that people must consider.