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We will find gaps in research (problem statements) for all sorts of activities in life, social structures and in the workplace.

Let’s examine what-how will our research work today could impact society say 5-10-25-50 and 100 years from now and are there hidden gaps and mysteries/secrets that will unveil more evidence that we are unable to find today.

We should recognize few studies if any are able to answer all possible issues today and into the future, we note these as limitations to the research study under examination.

Many times, gaps are opportunities to seek ways to bridge those gaps, by examining data and research to find creative ways to improve situations.

Societal issues always seem to draw considerable attention and folks like the process of cultivating hope. We understand the term hope is a choice as we can change thinking by examining data and outcomes via research.

We will observe that to make the necessary public policy change (statements) we find the importance of applied research to tackle the issue under investigation.

This weeks DB assignment, seek out a scholarly research topic that interests you (encouraged to apply the topic to your current job-profession) and develop a problem statement for your job and how can apply-use the research data on a current issue-problem to your current career-profession.

In the problem statement, you should think about completing the statement by starting below:

The problem is that_____.

If you state your problem in this way, it will give you the ability to focus in on an interesting problem or issue to help solidify your thinking about a problem that can be researched.

Next simple step, you can also write justification summary style sentences about why this is a problem in your life (perceived problem-issue) and or workplace etc. *Note not all issues or problems can-should become research projects.

Next, what would be the advantages and disadvantages of the research problem and question under review and include any potential limitations of the study.

The work should contain significant work to justify the idea-concept at least 350 word count.

Requirements: 350-500 words

I am a Social worker at a elementary school in Mississippi

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improving the quality of education. On the other hand, this research problem has a major disadvantage. It is likely to shift the attention of improvement of teacher’s performance to the external factors and undermine the influence of the factors within the school.

Potential Limitations to the Study

This research problem is limited in its scope. While it is an effort to narrow down the research question, it considers family support as an exclusive factor that impacts a teacher’s performance. Second, the study is focused on all elementary schools in general and does not account for schools dominated by African Americans from low-income households.

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Social environment