Concepts of cultural and social intelligence

Your company is planning on expanding its offices overseas. In anticipation of your management leading a more culturally diverse team, you have been asked to create a cultural report. Within the report, you will need to include a table or chart that lists Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and their connection to diversity management and explain the role and value of cultural and social intelligence.


First, create a table or chart to include in the cultural report that:

Next, develop a cultural report that:

  • Defines the concepts of cultural and social intelligence with details on similarities and differences. How are they related, and what sets them apart?
  • Discusses the impact that social intelligence can have on success in the workplace. How will social intelligence be important to your company as they expand their offices overseas?
  • Be sure the cultural report displays proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and credible sources cited in APA format.

Requirements: 4 pages not including cover and reference page

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Cultural intelligence is broader than social intelligence since it incorporates multiple intelligence, including social and emotional intelligence. Some of the effective skills in social and cultural intelligence include tolerance, and forbearance, among others. In understanding the cultural differences, the individual explores the values, attitudes, beliefs, and norms which result from the interactions with the various social factors. There is also a significant difference in the influence of the organization of the society in general by the social or cultural factors (Siahaan & Rusiadi, 2018). The social factors impact a society directly, but the cultural factors indirectly impact. It is only when the culture is incorporated into the organization that its impact is felt.

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Concepts of cultural and social intelligence