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Biolage R.A.W. is a professional haircare brand launched in 2017, in Portugal. The brand is taking its first steps into the Portuguese market and facing a lack of awareness about high-end natural products along with facing challenges with pricing in this segment. This case looks at how Biolage R.A.W. can come up with a launch strategy in a market where the brand name is unknown and the price of the products is regarded as high by the target consumer.

My Company for this assignment is Facebook.

For this course’s final project, you will develop a business plan for the new product, service, or other business idea that you began conceptualizing in the previous MBA 515 Business Environment, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship course. After completing this week’s readings and after reading the corresponding article in the Reading and Resources section of this module, address the importance of the following items for your chosen business or idea:

  • Identifying your target demographic(s)
  • Defining the psychographics of your target demographic(s)
  • Addressing the needs and wants of the target demographic(s)
  • Describing how the company can use its brand to help establish trust with the target demographic

Requirements: 1-2 Paragraphs

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One of the ways Facebook’s F22 smartphone will be able to build customer trust is to be easily accessible through Facebook and other social media platforms and in physical retail outlets within the U.S. Secondly, the product must be reliable and effective by maintaining its current high quality and effectiveness to meet the customers’ needs and wants. This is the virtue of being honest, where the marketing information should correspond to the value the customers expect. Lastly, the company should ask questions and respond to feedback from customers who have already used the product.

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Social media platform