Personal earning process—challenges

I just need a reflection paper (1 page only) APA Format 250-300 words, based on the readings that we will have each week (attached in PowerPoint are the chapters 20-23 that we must be reading), how it reflect on your (in this case mine) personal earning process—challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, readings, and interactions.

If you have any concerns, In the Word document (attached) is what I need exactly.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you guys have any questions.


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I just need a reflection paper (1 page only) APA Format 250-300 words, based on the readings that we will have each week (attached in PowerPoint are the chapters 20-23 that we must be reading), how it reflect on your (in this case mine) personal earning process—challenges, moments of discovery, life experiences, readings, and interactions.

If you have any concerns, In the Word document (attached) is what I need exactly.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you guys have any questions.

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Also attached one paper that you’ve done already just to have an idea and make it easier for you :
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Currently, online marketing has become an essential advertising platform that helps businesses attract and interact with diverse demographical people. According to Kotler and Keller (2016), the management of digital communications is vital for companies to manage to enhance their relevance with consumers. An interesting aspect that I discovered is that these companies use techniques like cookies to mine information from online users visiting companies’ websites. Although using cookies to collect people’s information is convenient, I feel that the ethics behind this data mining approach has ethical issues. I realized that these cookies have ambiguous consenting terms that individuals approve without knowing the ramifications. From my experience, direct surveys that consumers may consent to are more ethical since they allow them to disclose details, they are more comfortable informing companies. As emphasized by Kotler and Keller (2016), socially responsible marketing should not be overlooked because it benefits consumers, the organization, and community members. I believe the identification of ethical marketing approaches enhances the reputation of an organization and promotes social welfare.

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Personal earning process—challenges



History of social movements in a specific country.

For fthis final project I want you to investigate the history of social movements in a specific country. For example,you pick USA, you talk about some of the main movements that have been fighting for equal opportunities.It has to be something related to the class.Lat’ say equal education opportunities for all.This means that you chose the pillar of education.I have included the link to the economic I statute of peace where you will find more information on the pillars of peace.Lastly,you have to write 10 questions that you would like to ask, let’ s say to our president,in regards to education.

First write the project proposal and include these informations below:

A- project proposal due 08/02/2020 at 11 pm



2. SOCIAL MOVEMENT related to the place you selected

3. ANY TOPIC (e.g. Education) related to the movement you chose

4. PILLAR/S OF PEACE from which you will conduct your research


You can pick any topic related to our class content (ace and ethnicity, Prejudice, Discrimination, Immigration, Ethnicity and religion, Nation as a Kaleidoscope), anything that you can analyze from a sociological perspective. It should be something you want to write on and something you can maintain interest in over the course of the writing process.


While writing down ideas for your project think about the following questions:

What country/state/city/town….etc did you choose?

What social movement did you choose?

What topic did you choose?

Which pillar/s did you choose and Why?

Who are you going to interview and Why?

Why are you interested in this topic?

What do you already know about the social movement and topic you selected?

What do you need to know/don’t know about the social movement and topic?

What is your research question?

What is the intended goal/purpose?

B- Body part of proposal requirement due 08/09/2020 at 11pm

1)First Part.

For the first part of this project, students will investigate the history of ethnic/racial social movements in a country of their choice and write a brief summary (write at least 2 pages). Search for a minimum of 4 academic articles, books or book chapters. The books and articles should come from sociology, history, and the different social science disciplines). Some of the questions students want to consider are: What does the literature say about social movements in the country you chose and about breaking social norms? What is the on the ground evidence about how activists have worked to ensure the success of the movement? What role does identity play for the movement? How technology has been used to intimidate people? How technology has helped the subordinate movements to effectively move people to act?

2)Second Part.

For the second part of this assignment, students will visit the Institute for Economics and Peace website

and write at least two paragraphs (or no more than 2 pages) to 1. explain how they can use the pillars of peace to measure peace in the country they have chosen 2. How they can use the pillars of peace to describe the impact of technology to activism, protest and dissent movements in the chosen country?

3)Third Part.

For the third part of this assignment, students will first research the life of the governor/president of the country they have chosen (write at least one page). Second, gather public opinion (write at least one page) to develop ten questions to ask to the governor/president. The first and second part of the project are necessary for students to come up with the interview questions. They have to research social media, history books, newspaper articles and documentaries to generate good interview questions.

Criteria for evaluation.

Successful projects will:

-use the required number and kind of sources

− answer the question(s) posed thoroughly

− support assertions well using sources

− use proper citation of sources

− be clearly written.


Alden Library

Economic Institute of Peace

Opportunity Atlas

Human Rights Watch


I would like you to choose a country or a movement you field confortable

please read all the instructions

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Product branding is how a product is marketed uniquely in comparison to the rest of the products of the same type in the market. It involves coming up with a brand name which customers will have no problem grasping and it should be such that when customers see the name or the logo, they can immediately associate with the product. For the foldable chair, the company will settle for A+Chair. The name implies that the chair has many benefits. A+ means that the chair is excellent in more than one way. In as much as it’s portable, the chair also saves space. Proserve Corp will sponsor the marketing of the chair. Proserve Corp has made a name in selling furniture, and so the marketing of the chair will ride on that reputation to promote A+Chair. The message of the brand is “Sit anywhere anytime.”

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History of social movements in a specific country.

Strategic thinking and planning

here are 2 assignments for this one:

Assignment 1:

Discussion Question:

Write a 3-paragraph letter to the editor of your local newspaper arguing for more city, state, or federal government funding for The Harford Center and the services it provides. Put together a legitimate argument with scholarly resources to support your editorial. ***The article should include current data and facts about the issue.

Assignment 2

Final Project: The Harford Center Part 4

Section 4 Headings:


  • Explain the role of strategic thinking and planning in carrying out The Harford Center’s vision and mission.
  • Explain the elements of the strategic thinking and planning process. Include the role of the board in developing the strategic plan.
  • Detail the communications and outreach role that the board can play in both implementing the strategic plan and attaining organizational goals and objectives.

Your draft should be 3–5 pages, contain a minimum of 5–6 specific, evidence-based best practices, and utilize proper APA formatting.

Please use the resources provided:

******Need access to this book:

BoardSource. (2010). The handbook of nonprofit governance. San Francisco, CA: Wiley.

  • Chapter 10, “Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning” (pp. 189–210)
  • Chapter 11, “Communications and Outreach” (pp. 211–232)

Crutchfield, L. R., & Grant, H. M. (2012). Forces for good: The six practices of high-impact non-profits (2nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 2, “Advocate and Serve” (pp. 47–72)

Heyman, D. R. (2011).Nonprofit management 101: A complete and practical guide for leaders and professionals. Hoboken, NJ: Jossey-Bass.

  • Chapter 12, “Nonprofit Advocacy and Lobbying” (pp.181–196)
  • Chapter 25, “Nonprofit Marketing” (pp.409–428)

BoardSource & Taproot Foundation. (2011). Marketing literacy for the non-profit sector: Why marketing professionals make great board members. Retrieved from

Smart Chart 3.0. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Interactive tool that helps non-profits create communication plans and strategies

National Council of Non-profits. (2015). Retrieved from

Center of Lobbying in the Public Interest. (2007). Writing a letter to your legislator. Retrieved from

Fortney, S., & Tassé, M. J. (2021). Urbanicity, Health, and Access to Services for People With Intellectual Disability and Developmental Disabilities. American Journal on Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, 126(6), 492–504.

Kristen Foley, Stacie Attrill, & Chris Brebner. (2021). Co-designing a methodology for workforce development during the personalisation of allied health service funding for people with disability in Australia. BMC Health Services Research, 21(1), 1–15.

The Harford Center. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Requirements: 5 pages

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This application for funding is critical to the Hartford Center’s continued success. As a non-profit, the Hartford Center relies on donor funding and state grants to continue its operations within Havre de Grace and the larger Maryland. The COVID-19 pandemic has been quite catastrophic for the program, especially for donors who rely on it for funding. The pandemic imposed financial hardships for our donors, and thus, most of them are unable to honor their financial commitments to the program. Due to this, the Hartford Center is forced to contend with numerous financial challenges. These challenges are making it hard for the program to operate and deliver vital services to disabled individuals. Persons dealing with disability are among society’s vulnerable members (Fortney & Tassé, 2021). Their vulnerability is exacerbated by the fact that most people, even their caregivers, perceive them as a burden.

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Strategic thinking and planning


Target Market

For this week’s discussion, please respond to the following:

  • Describe the target market for your chosen company, whether it’s based the snack food company scenario or a start-up company of your choosing. Be sure to include the following:
    • Demographic Description: Age, income range, gender, family size, education, occupation, et cetera.
      • Example: A likely user for X product is a male aged 25–34 who earns between $35,000 and $55,000 per year and has a four-year college degree.
    • Geographic Description: Area you would like to serve, density (urban, rural), nature of location (mall, business center, et cetera), climate condition.
      • Example: Atlanta.
    • Lifestyle Description: Where do your customers shop, what do they do for leisure, what kind of clothes do they wear, what type of cars do they drive, et cetera?
    • Psychographic Description: How would you describe your target market, for example, socially responsible, trendsetters, or fun-seeking?
    • Purchasing Pattern Description: How will your target market use the product, how many times will they buy it, where do they buy the product, how do they pay for it, et cetera?
    • Buying Sensitivities Description: What factors are important to the customer before they buy (price, quality, customer service. packaging, et cetera)?

Requirements: As long as it takes to answer

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Before getting into analysis and discussion of the company’s target market, it would only be pertinent to start by defining what a target market is. Generally, the terminology target market denotes a group of potential clients that an organization sells its products or services to (Camilleri, 2018). Organizations will often divide these customer groups into smaller segments according to location, age, lifestyle, and income. Once an organization can define its target market, it will be easier for the organization to know where and how to market its products or services (Camilleri, 2018). Defining an organization’s target market is critical; considering doing so helps a company target customers who are willing to pay for its products or services. In essence, understanding an organization’s target market allows it to discover information about its customers. This information might include; where the customers are, which media channels do they use, and what are their buying habits (Camilleri, 2018). This information allows a company to tailor its marketing ventures to encourage customers to purchase its products or services.

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Target Market

Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces

Read and review the website: 12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See. Select the direct mail piece that you feel will be the most effective and tell why.

Resources for assessment:

AHS 7685 Discussion Board RubricPreview the document

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A visual image of a message is interesting and memorable. It often helps to reflect on the problem and inspire recipients to achieve a solution. In USMS, the visual message can include a process in losing weight and becoming fit and learning how to swim. The members will be encouraged to learn how to swim and to become physically fit. The visual image also utilizes a background of the most critical resources in the organization. Membership subscription is annually, and hence a chronological account of efforts and achievements for each month or period will be appealing to members. For individual donors and corporate donors, the visual message provides an account of the social solution achieved and a list of major events. Visual messages can also promote gender and age-based solution to appeal to all members.

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Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces

Social Media Promotions Plan

In this assignment, you will discuss how you will use social media to promote either your proposed peer-to-peer special event fundraiser (from week 4) or your organization (from week 1).

Include the following for your Social Media Promotions Plan:

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes: Students will examine critical fund development issues facing today’s nonprofits. Review and evaluate an agency’s existing fund development program elements with their fellow classmates. Discuss past elements and their success of an agency’s overall fund development plan. Create a return on investment model for future elements of a development plan for longevity and relevance of the programs to an agency’s mission. Prepare and submit various special events, direct mail/online and leadership giving elements for class review and evaluation. The student will review historical funding sources and determine future interest areas and niche development opportunities to support a nonprofit agency. Improve skills in identifying new funding sources by searching the internet, corporate documents, foundations resources and individual contacts and relationship. Students will us appropriate writing and oral skills. Prepare written work using the appropriate APA style.


Week 6 Readings and Resources

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Facebook will be used to share stories of people who are active supporters of USMS. The stories will focus on learning how to swim, becoming fit, and building a lifelong social network to explore other outdoor activities. Supporters will utilize the social media tool to share their stories regularly during the campaign period. Twitter will involve regular tweets to donors and potential donors. The questions asked are those focused on controversial topics on swimming in a way to appeal participation of minority groups like women and the blacks. Swimming a great deal for women, stay fit, stay happy #   USMS # Happy Friday. Another example, when you thought you had seen it all, Jimmy Jones Swim, with a glass of milk on his head # USMS. The conversations will be linked to support training efforts and to promote membership.

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Social Media Promotions Plan

Case Study Analysis

Read the Article in the text called Shaping the Vaccine

Synthesize the case using the format seen in the Case Study Analysis Please provide an introduction/background of the industry, a body and a conclusion and include supporting peer reviewed journal articles beyond the case in the text.

In your case analysis, incorporate findings from other sources like well as in the online library within academic literature. You can find excellent scholarly articles to support your opinion in the online library’s LIRN ProQuest database. In graduate work these sources are extremely important to use!

Generally, these case study analyses will be between 4- 6 pages long and APA formatted. Before you begin, please review the handouts on Case Study Analysis expectations and evaluation.

By submitting this paper, you agree: (1) SafeAssign™ services .

Main article is provided, with samples and directions for Case Study Analysis.

Need to get more articles for References, but need to be Peer Review like ProQuest or Google Scholar.

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One of the things that pushed companies away from manufacturing vaccines was the extensive capital required before an organization can break even in this industry. Companies now required relatively less capital to get involved in vaccine manufacturing. The need to regularly clean and sterilize equipment used during the development of vaccines are some of the main reasons getting into this industry requires an extensive capital outlay. However, the infusion of new technology in the sector got rid of this encumbrance (Kis et al., 2018). For example, the invention of the SUTs eliminated the need to clean and sterilize equipment, which was quite costly. The absence of such costs made the industry quite attractive to new companies. Despite all the benefits such changes brought about, there have been downsides threatening the future of the industry. When it becomes cost-effective to manufacture vaccines, numerous companies will start doing so, which will lead to a phenomenon Zhou, refers to as fragmentation.

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Case Study Analysis

Marketing plan

Need the completed pieces below (must be 2 pages and APA Format with citations):

  1. Executive Summary:
    • Key problems/issues that the marketing plan will solve. Describe the goals of the marketing plan.
  2. Company Analysis:
    • Brief background on the business (products, services, target market, brand image)
    • Objectives/Mission statement
    • Business model(s) currently used

Description of product is below as well as on the attached PowerPoint:

I would like to focus on ChevronTexaco for the project. I feel that ChevronTexaco has a lot of information behind it and has a very extensive history. The new product idea will be RoboPump. This product will essentially be an automatic gas pump that you pull up to and pumps your gas for you. Once you pull up to the pump, you will control the rest of the process through an app where you will put in the gas station location, pump number, and type of gas you want to put in your car. You can also control how many gallons of gas you would like to put in your car if don’t want a full tank. This product will completely take over the pumping process so that you do not even have to get out of your car.

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Apart from the benefits that a marketing plan can present to ChevronTexaco, it is necessary to analyze the company’s ability to succeed in the market. ChevronTexaco is a multinational company that has been very successful since it was founded. It deals with products like gasoline, natural gas, crude oil, and petrochemicals. The proposed product is RoboPump, which can make the company more successful by utilizing technology to satisfy customers. To make sure that its products are available in the market, the company provides product delivery services using a fleet of tankers and pipelines (Tang, 2018). This service helps customers to receive their ordered products without incurring transportation costs. The target market of ChevronTexaco Company is the transport sector. It is because the company has invested more in selling gasoline, which is used in both business and personal vehicles. The current brand image of ChevronTexaco products is very positive. It because gasoline from this company is known for its low emission and high performance (Hasan, 2020).

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Marketing plan

Marketing Mix and Product

discussion board question

Following your review of the articles below on the Marketing Mix and Product, share a synopsis of the product strategy and branding concepts discussed. Read each of these articles and write a synopsis of your reading. Keep the overarching theme, “Product Strategy and Branding,” in mind.

Use subject headers that include the name of each of the articles below that you are covering – for example – Article # 1 – The Elements of Value and provide your key learnings. Then the final and fourth subject header should be Conclusion. Wrap-up final thoughts here over the articles…which did you enjoy the most. Cite the new Journal article here as well.

  1. Constantinides, E. (2006) The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management.
  2. Almquist, E.; Senior, J.; & Bloch, N. (2016). The elements of value. Harvard Business Review, 94(9), 46-53.
  3. Bergh, C. (2018). The CEO of Levi Strauss on leading an iconic brand back to growth. Harvard Business Review, 96(4), 33-39.

Requirements: short

the articles are listed in the instructions.

  1. Constantinides, E. (2006) The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing, Journal of Marketing Management.
  2. Almquist, E.; Senior, J.; & Bloch, N. (2016). The elements of value. Harvard Business Review, 94(9), 46-53.
  3. Bergh, C. (2018). The CEO of Levi Strauss on leading an iconic brand back to growth. Harvard Business Review, 96(4), 33-39.

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Article 3: The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing

In this article, E. Constantinides (2006) looks at the efficacy of the 4Ps marketing mix concept. This framework came into prominence in the 1960s and has grown exponentially with more and more organizations using it during product development. It is a simple marketing framework, with the four Ps representing product, price, promotion, and place. Constantinides (2006) concedes that even though studies into the efficacy of this framework are limited, organizations believe that it has immensely contributed to their success. This marketing tool revolutionized marketing management. Despite all these benefits, Constantinides also argues that there are some shortcomings associated with using the 4Ps marketing mix.

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Marketing Mix and Product

Marketing myopia

I need help with a Marketing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

As discussed in the Unit I Lesson, the marketing concept consists of elements that concern market segmentation and how it relates to target markets. Also, recall that promotion is used to reach those target markets.

In this essay, define the marketing concept and summarize its relationship to marketing myopia. Give an example of marketing myopia that you have seen.

  • Your essay must include an introduction.
  • You must also reference at least one journal article from the CSU Online Library and one article from a business-related or news website; therefore, your essay should be supported by at least two sources.
  • Your essay must be at least three pages in length and double-spaced—not counting the title and reference pages.
  • All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying APA citations.

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Marketing myopia is a term used to describe the need for organizations to focus their attention on meeting the customer’s needs rather than concentrating on selling their products. Marketing myopia describes the way many organizations put much of their efforts and time in developing and selling products rather than in identifying what the consumers actually want (Cleverism, 2020). This shortsighted nature or lack of the bigger picture in organizations is what makes them focus on short-term gains from their products without considering the customers’ needs. According to Theodore Levitt, who introduced the term, many organizations suffer from marketing myopia in their approach to marketing. They focus on how their marketing approach will benefit the organization while failing to focus on the customers’ needs and wishes.

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Marketing myopia