Creation Love and the Underworld

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  1. If an underworld closely resembles the living world, what does that tend to indicate about a culture’s attitude?

In scenarios where an underworld shows a close resemblance with the living world, this indicates the prevalence of fear about death. This also suggests that little communication or none of it occurs between the demised and the living. Notably, the perception of not returning heightens the fear of death in such situations.

  1. What does a suicide in an underworld story usually emphasize?

Suicide cases in an underworld story convey that shame becomes part of a person due to violating an essential cultural value. Most suicides create a learning experience despite the guilt and do not lead to a punishment. Generally, this shows that communication has happened between those living and the dead.

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Creation Love and the Underworld

Demographic value

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  1. Discuss one aspect of your client’s culture that you think has had an impact on your case. What made you select this particular aspect? How is this a strength for the client?
  2. What client(s) is poverty a presenting concern for? What makes you think this?
  3. In what ways would a social worker be able to advocate for your client’s civil rights/social justice? How would that help your client?
  4. What is one question that you have about your case study/client and its relation to this week’s module material?
  5. What similarities and difference do you see between yourself and the case study client? Why might it be important to be aware of our similarities and differences in social work? How does your own life experience shape your opinion about this case?

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Empathy is a crucial component of social work, and this has driven me to draw parallels between my life and Margaret’s. On similarities, I have also experienced increased pressure during the Covid-19 outbreak, which brought many uncertainties. However, we differ in our stress handling approaches because I prefer staying in high-energy environments rather than removing myself from social engagements. My life experience shapes my opinion on this case. It helps me acknowledge that each person’s story is valid and that understanding their unique circumstances is key to assisting them to cope with challenges.

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Demographic value

Case-control study design

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The case-control study design can be used in the following circumstances. Where acquiring samples from exposed test subjects is either expensive or hard to get, where a certain disease takes a long time to occur or appear, when dealing with a rare disease that would require a considerably large sample, where the test subjects of a disease are dynamic and hard to keep track of for good results, and where there is little information regarding a disease (Park, 2019). The case-control study method evaluates diverse exposures to establish causation.

  • What makes the case-control study design so popular?

The case-control study design is popular because it lacks the limitations brought about by the cohort study design. Case-control studies are especially effective when studying rare diseases. This method allows for investigation into diseases

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case-control study design