Marketing plan

Need the completed pieces below (must be 2 pages and APA Format with citations):

  1. Executive Summary:
    • Key problems/issues that the marketing plan will solve. Describe the goals of the marketing plan.
  2. Company Analysis:
    • Brief background on the business (products, services, target market, brand image)
    • Objectives/Mission statement
    • Business model(s) currently used

Description of product is below as well as on the attached PowerPoint:

I would like to focus on ChevronTexaco for the project. I feel that ChevronTexaco has a lot of information behind it and has a very extensive history. The new product idea will be RoboPump. This product will essentially be an automatic gas pump that you pull up to and pumps your gas for you. Once you pull up to the pump, you will control the rest of the process through an app where you will put in the gas station location, pump number, and type of gas you want to put in your car. You can also control how many gallons of gas you would like to put in your car if don’t want a full tank. This product will completely take over the pumping process so that you do not even have to get out of your car.

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Apart from the benefits that a marketing plan can present to ChevronTexaco, it is necessary to analyze the company’s ability to succeed in the market. ChevronTexaco is a multinational company that has been very successful since it was founded. It deals with products like gasoline, natural gas, crude oil, and petrochemicals. The proposed product is RoboPump, which can make the company more successful by utilizing technology to satisfy customers. To make sure that its products are available in the market, the company provides product delivery services using a fleet of tankers and pipelines (Tang, 2018). This service helps customers to receive their ordered products without incurring transportation costs. The target market of ChevronTexaco Company is the transport sector. It is because the company has invested more in selling gasoline, which is used in both business and personal vehicles. The current brand image of ChevronTexaco products is very positive. It because gasoline from this company is known for its low emission and high performance (Hasan, 2020).

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Marketing plan

Solid business model


An integral part of the business plan is to develop a business model. Simply put, a business model describes how a company plans to make money. It is not what you do, but how you will make money doing what you do. A solid business model is the link between venture strategy and financial plans. Projecting the financial performance and requirements can be classified as financial goals of the venture. A venture capitalist will want to know not only the numbers, but how those were derived.

*This is about a report you just helped me with last week about an innovative pair of shoes called SwapSoles that has interchangeable soles. That previous report is attached as reference for this report.

Develop both a business model and financial goals for your new venture. Provide the following in a report that contains introduction, body (with headers) and conclusion.

  1. Define a business model for SwapSoles, explaining why it is you have selected this business model as the ideal model for your venture.
  2. Create a five-year revenue projection and illustrate how you have come up with the projected numbers.
  3. Develop a five-year pro forma P&L statement and justify your assumptions within the statement.
  4. Devise a five-year pro forma cash flow statement and justify your assumptions within the statement.
  5. Design a five-year pro forma balance sheet and specify how the balance sheet relates to the other two financial statements in parts (2) and (3).


– 4 pages minimum

– Double spacing

-Font: Times New Roman, Size 12

-At least six (6) peer-reviewed sources (include DOI in reference page) (Use some of the existing references but add at least 3 new references)

-In-text citations

-No plagiarism (IMPORTANT)

Requirements: 4 pages minimum double spacing

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It will customers will have a positive experience while shopping from the established stores. It will allow the customers to ask questions about the products that the company provides. For instance, physical stores allow the company to visit the stores and ask questions pertaining to the shores the company is offering. It will allow the company to build relationships with customers through in-person contact. It offers greater opportunities for sales through in-store displays, enticing ambiance, and persuasive sales tactics. On the other, online advertising offers numerous benefits to the company. It allows offers an opportunity for the company to grow (Rajamma et al., 2007). Selling on the internet means traditional constraints to retain growth. With the digital marketing strategy, the company has a high opportunity to scale up order fulfillment systems, and it can respond and boost growing sales (Chung et al., 2022). With the online market strategy, SwapSole will be able to access a larger market. The company will be able to access numerous customers at one time.

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Solid business model