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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

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Media is a social institution and plays critical functions, some of which were previously in family, schools, church, and government. One of the key functions is sharing information such as on the Covid-19 epidemic to help fight the disaster. Spreading information via media raises key concerns that include misinformation or ignoring the public right to know and increased surveillance that jeopardizes the rights to privacy. Social institutions such as Facebook, Twitter, and mobile app, among others, are platforms for sharing information but can also hide the truth in their efforts to minimize misinformation. Spreading unconfirmed or untrue information through media has been a major concern in disaster management (Bode, & Vraga, 2015). However, individuals also have a right to information, and measures for reducing misinformation should not hinder access to information. A social convergence on social media is a reality, and the exposure is high since individuals maintain large networks. According to Trottier (2016), the media users cannot control the surveillance activities of the peers or service providers like Facebook, irrespective of the privacy settings, or other tactics available.  This is a major concern since individuals sharing information are subjected to increased measures of surveillance to individuals and the government (ArjunKharpal, 2020, March 30).(1821 words)

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