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  • Discuss two things you learned from the article regarding the job market for BSW social workers and discuss how this idea impacted you:
  • Identify one of the videos reviewed, to discuss. Summarize the most pertinent message of the video that impacted you and why this was impactful for you.
  • APA forma and cite the work
  • article :…
  • the video

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Bachelor of social work (BSW) degree takes four years before someone graduates. According to Boyd (1996), there is a reliable job market for BSW if only graduates could understand that BSW is unique. I learned that BSW is the only bachelor’s degree that is accredited by the national accrediting organization compared to other human service bachelor’s degrees. As a result, the BSW program is taken seriously in the labor market. This insight impacted my assumptions about the BSW labor market by understanding that BSW graduates can access jobs more quickly than other human service degrees. It is because accreditation offered to BSW graduates makes them qualified to work under social work standards. As a result, organizations trust entry-level BSW graduates based on the certification given to them.


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