Starch thickens

Write a one page (250 word) paper on the difference between thickening agents.

“what is the difference between starches in sauce making” or “what starch makes the best sauce”

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However, cornstarch is unfavorable for acidic ingredients since it breaks the starch molecules resulting in watery sauces, while arrowroot starches are best for acidic ingredients. Cornstarch also contains a starchy-like taste, while arrowroot starches lack the taste (Boyles, 2019). Furthermore, a sauce made from cornstarch is unfavorable for dishes that require freezing and reheating because of its porous nature. In contrast, a sauce made from arrowroot is best for such dishes since it does not change its nature. Cornstarch is best for making sauces used in fillings since it is translucent, while root starches are not best for sauces used in pie fillings. Thus, starches used in sauce making are different based on their molecule structure and are used depending on the dishes.

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Starch thickens