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Continuing with the exploration of solutions to your Capstone Project that you began in Week 8, choose one solution to the problem for this paper. Be sure to support your solution with information cited from the academic literature. For this Assignment, you will need to incorporate the ideas that you received in the Week 8 Discussion. Conclude with a description of the positive social change that could result from the implementation of this solution.

To prepare:

  • Review the potential solutions generated in Week 8, and identify one solution to address the Capstone problem.
  • Review the feedback provided in the Week 8 Discussion and incorporate any ideas or suggestions.
  • Consider the following questions to evaluate and explain the solution you have selected:
  • From the Learning Resources “Social Change Series” web resource, choose and review one or more of the social change webinars that are of relevance and interest to you. Think about your Capstone problem and how you might promote positive social change.
  • Based on the scientific knowledge and research skills that you acquired throughout the program, develop a solution that could lead to a successful resolution of the problem.
  • Explain advantages and challenges to the implementation of this solution.
  • Conclude with a minimum of 2 paragraphs describing the potential for positive social change that could result from this solution and how you might promote positive social change.

I am attaching all the needed required readings that need to be used for this assignment, I have also attached all the previous assignment that has been submitted in regards to this project with their reviews. My capstone project is on the Extinction Burst, especially with self-injuries behaviors interventions. Please use any extra scholarly resources that are useful for this assignment, however, please make sure to cite it APA7.

This is an announcement that has been received from the professor for this assignment:

For the Week 9 paper, you are to focus on one potential solution to your problem. Most people will choose one of the solutions discussed in Week 8 but it is possible that since writing the Week 8 discussion response, you found another that is more realistic or likely to succeed. for the application. You are to go in-depth into what this solution is and how it can be implemented–along with the potential challenges as well as the advantages. You need to discuss the barriers to implementing the solution. who will be impacted by it and so, the potential for positive social change that could result from this solution to the problem. Again, make sure that your ideas have a basis in the research literature. You will need to support your solution with citations.

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Requirements: three pages

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Non-contingent reinforcement can address extinction bursts that appear during the initial phases of extinction treatment. According to Gover et al. (2021), this approach is quite effective, especially when the purpose of a child’s negative behavior is to attract a parent’s, caregiver’s, or teacher’s attention. An illustration of how this approach can be used using an example will help demonstrate how non-contingent reinforcement can be implemented to deal with extinction bursts. For instance, parents of a child who often cries at night until one of the parents picks them up might use extinction to eliminate this negative behavior (Gover et al., 2021). As such, the parents might decide not to respond to the child’s cries for attention as a way of dealing with the targeted conduct. However, when they stop picking up the child,

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Strategies psychologists