Scene of violence

Prompt: In great literature, no scene of violence exists for its own sake. Discuss how Shakespeare, in Hamlet, confronts the reader or audience with a scene or scenes of violence. In a well-organized essay, explain how the scene or scenes contribute to the meaning of the play (analysis for essay).

Paragraph 1: intro

Body Paragraph 1: Claim, quote analysis; Claim, quote analysis

Body Paragraph 2: Claim, quote analysis; Claim, quote analysis

Body Paragraph 3: Claim, quote analysis; Claim, quote analysis

Conclusion Paragraph

Works Cited



Requirements: 1100 words, 5 paragraphs

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The Murder of King Hamlet (Protagonists Father) (Emotional Violence; Betrayal)

Shakespeare shows violence in the form of betrayal. From close members of the royal family, Treachery sets foot in the plot of the play. ”But know thy noble youth, The serpent that did sting thy father’s life, Now wears his crown,’’ (Shakespeare, Act 1, Scene 5,45). Here a ghost appears to Hamlet and reveals the incidences of his father’s death to seek vengeance against it. By using a ghost to deliver the message, Shakespeare demonstrates the level of betrayal that had occurred in the family that the truth would not be revealed. Claudius, also referred to as the adulterate beast by the ghost, married his dead brother’s wife. Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius was violence against dignity, honor, and all descent factors for a royal family. This scene of violence contributes to the play’s meaning since it’s the foundation of vengeance and the cause of the protagonist’s emotional turmoil. The psychological violence overlaps him in the subsequent scenes, and he is irritable with his mother, his love Ophelia and others.

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Scene of violence

State Board of Nursing

Using evidence from the literature or professional organizations to support the information provided. Submissions should be written in third person, with scholarly tone and appropriate APA citations. A minimum of three paragraphs are required for the original post.



Original Post:
3 paragraph minimum

Original post:
provides scholarly
supported by
evidence from the

citations noted in
APA format.

Requirements: minimum of 3 paragraphs

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Furthermore, during these workshops and seminars, nurses get a chance to interact with colleagues. Due to this, they can share vital information they can integrate into their practice to improve the quality and safety of the care they provide to patients (L’Ecuyer et al., 2018). Besides this, the Board also plays a pivotal role in nurses’ career progression. It formulates and enforces the licensing requirements nurses should meet to advance from one nursing category to another (L’Ecuyer et al., 2018). For instance, a registered nurse in Florida wishes to become an advanced practice registered nurse; they have to meet the required education requirements and apply for a license to practice from the Florida Board of Nursing.

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State Board of Nursing

Business and management literature sources

1. The Literature Review:

For most research projects, the process of reviewing the literature and starting to draft your review will be an early activity. Despite this early start, it is usually necessary to continue refining your review throughout your project’s life. The process can be likened to an upward spiral, culminating in the finished product, a written critical literature review of the literature. Once you have a good knowledge of the literature sources available then you could start composing your initial draft of your paper. The literature sources you are likely to make the most use of are often referred to as:

  • secondary literature sources, these being formally published items such as journals and books;
  • grey (or primary) literature sources, these being items produced by all levels of government, academics, business, and industry in print and electronic formats, but which are not controlled by commercial publishers; including materials such as reports and conference proceedings.

LIRN has a wide range of business and management literature sources that can be accessed easily. Make sure to plan your literature search appropriately. It is important that you plan this search carefully to ensure that you locate relevant and up-to-date literature. This will enable you to establish what research has previously been published in your area and to relate your own research to it. All our students have found their literature search a time-consuming process, which takes far longer than expected. Fortunately, time spent planning will be repaid in time saved when searching for relevant literature. As you start to plan your search, you need to beware of information overload! One of the easiest ways to avoid this is to start the main search for your critical review with the clearly defined research question(s), objectives, and your research justification.

2. Research Approach:

Your research approach has to be clear and concise before attempting to perform your search for data and supporting documents. Your research could be one of the followings:

  1. Qualitative Research Paper
  2. Quantitative Research Paper
  3. Mixed methods Research Paper
  4. Systematic Literature Review
  1. Attachment you will find the title which i choose with its justification

Requirements: 1000


I choose this title, but i received this note from my proffessor

It is better to limit your research in more specific scope

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A good management system should be able to identify the signs of stress in their employee’s behavior. Workers under stress are more probable to be less motivated and less productive, these are some of the signs a manager should be able to identify in an employee. Managers can take an active role in suicide prevention by creating a work environment that fosters communication, respect, and a sense of belonging creating a community within a workplace where employees feel connected promoting emotional wellbeing, and can reduce the risk for suicide among workers, (Rodgers, 2011). Such forums encourage employees to share issues that may be bothering them. Sharing may help them realize that they are not the only ones going through difficulties. Managers should be able to understand that different occupations posit different levels of risk to workers. The occupation employees hold largely influence their identity and psychological risk factors, such as depression and stress,

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Business and management literature sources

Advanced Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

In this assignment, you will conduct an Article Review of the professional journal article assigned in this module.

You will compose a written review that include (Article Review Assignment Worksheets):

  1. a brief summary of the article read
  2. list of important information learned from the article
  3. questions you have about the article
  4. how you will apply information from the article to your future work as a BCBA

Requirements: Normal

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The vital information learned is that improper interviews can potentially induce false information from participants. This concept is mainly applicable to children’s participants. It is critical to beware of the improper interview techniques that will result in incorrect responses. Suggestive questioning, influence, reinforcement, and punishment influence the accuracy of answers from children. For example, the reinforcement technique will invite a participant to speculate about the details of what might have occurred. Also, the structure of a question during the interview is crucial for consideration to ensure accuracy. Another important information is that some children provide inaccurate answers due to their sensitivity toward particular interviewers (Sparling et al., 2011). Therefore, an investigation on age-related differences should be conducted to establish the sensitivity to interviewer approaches.

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Advanced Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis

Trifles by Susan Glaspell

In a minimum of 200 words for each question, answer two of the questions below. Your answer should include at least two quotes from the text for each question. Be sure to include an MLA Works Cited entry and parenthetical citation for quotes.

Topic options:

1. Here’s a creative option. Write a post describing how you would approach Trifles if you were in charge of directing the play. Who would you cast? What would you want your version to emphasize? Is there a specific moment in the play that you would highlight in some way? Would you update the play to emphasize its thematic relevance in 2022?

2. Mrs. Peters seems more concerned with the legalities of the situation than Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters suggests that that the men are doing their duty. Why might Glaspell make the women different in this way? How do these differences contribute to the conflict and resolution of the play?

3. What does the play suggest about justice? As a starting point for your answer, you might look up a definition or two of justice (be sure to cite your source) and talk about the play in light of your definition.

4. What is the central conflict in the play? In what way might Mrs. Peters be said to represent the clash of attitudes at the heart of the play?

Requirements: 200 words for each, total of 400 words.

This the link of the book

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The central conflict in the play is that of men versus women. The sheriff, Hale, and county attorney belittle the women’s actions, citing that they worry over trifles. Yet, the trifles help the women secretly piece the bits to Mr. Wright’s murder case. This conflict is first shown when Hale asks Mrs. Wright how she did not hear her husband’s strangling yet they slept on the same bed (Glaspell, 1200). Hale’s question creates an impression that as a woman, Mrs. Wright should know every detail that happens in her home. Further, Mrs. Peters, as she talks to Mrs. Hale, conveys her worry over the unpreserved fruits. In awe, Hale says, “Well, women are used to worrying over trifle” (Glaspell, 1200). In this context, Hale wonders why these women are worried about the preserved fruits, yet there is a murder case in which they should be more worried. Generally, Mrs. Peters portrays a clash in attitude between the men and the women by defying the law and taking a stance to defend Mrs. Wright. Mrs. Peter says, “I know what stillness is” (Glaspell, 1206). This means that Mrs. Peter understood a woman’s stillness as she sympathized with Mrs. Wright’s loss of her dear bird. Hence, together with Mrs. Hales, they withheld evidence because they realized Mrs. Wright was not in a happy place.

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Trifles by Susan Glaspell

Literature review

For this Milestone 2 assignment, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. You will use the five (5) sources you identified in your Milestone 1 assignment to address your chosen topic. Remember that for this milestone 2 assignment, you are, in essence, building your literature review (introduction section) for your final paper. A literature review is both a summary as well as an explanation of knowledge. This assignment is going to allow you to summarize, evaluate, and compare the original research you have found, and it will help orient your reader.
  2. Next, based on your understanding of each article, answer the following questions that pertain to essential literature review elements:

Two samples of how you should structure the information in your literature review are attached along with the rubric. Although the samples do not contain all of the information required for this milestone, it should give you an idea. Please follow the examples I have provided.

Guidelines for Submission: You will upload the paper as a Word document to Blackboard for grading and feedback. Your submission for this milestone must be follow APA paper guidelines. Your submission should not exceed 5-6 pages (excluding the cover and reference pages). It should include a cover page and reference page, be written with 12-point Times New Roman font and double spacing, and you will follow proper APA citation and reference format.

Any thoughts that are not your own MUST be cited in proper APA format. Direct quotes (short and long) MUST be cited and formatted following APA guidelines. Even if you paraphrase information, it MUST be cited. Papers are being evaluated through SafeAssign. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated. If plagiarism is discovered, it will result in a grade of 0 for the assignment and possible disciplinary action. AU’s writing center can assist you if you are unsure. You can also use the following Purdue OWL link: to help you with your citations and references.

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Regarding the risk factors predisposing adolescents to cyberbullying victimization, Zhu et al. (2021) established that at the personal level, females were at a higher risk of getting cyberbullied compared to their male counterparts. Furthermore, adolescents dealing with mental health issues such as borderline personality disorder, sleep deprivation, depression, and eating disorders, were at a higher risk of getting cyberbullied. According to Zhu et al. (2021), spending extensive periods on the internet is another risk factor for cyberbullying victimization. For the situational risk factors, Zhu et al. (2021) argue that numerous studies have established the existence of a link between cyberbullying victimization and parental neglect, insufficient monitoring, parental abuse, and family dysfunction. Zhu et al. (2021) further assert that adolescents living in urban locations have a higher chance of becoming cyberbullying victims than their rural and suburban counterparts. For the cyberbullying personal level perpetration risk

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Literature review

Annotated bibliography

You will write a 14–16-page literature review in current Turabian format, based on the literature
included in your annotated bibliography, that explores existing literature related to your proposed
research topic, identifying the central insights, themes, and/or gaps that support your research
Items to include are outlined as follows:
 The literature review should be 14-16 pages in length.
 The literature review should be written in current Turabian format.
 The literature review should cite at least 30 sources (these should be the same included in
the annotated bibliography assignment, though it is acceptable to include more sources
than were included in that assignment).
 The literature review should:
o Explore common themes, assumptions, or approaches in the sources you cover;
o Assess common weaknesses or limitations in the sources you cover;
o Identify implications of your Literature Assessment for your future research.
 Are there common sources you see cited across this literature that seem to be highly
influential and worth your attention?
 Are there common conclusions in this literature about future research that might be
 Are there common errors or oversights that may need to be corrected?
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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There is literature that explains the policy structure and programs that supports alternative interventions to reduce recidivism alongside convictions and incarcerations beyond the prison and jail walls. There is a resurgence of prosecutor-led pretrial diversion programs, and literature supports its effectiveness in reducing recidivism[1]. Here the researchers examined the effectiveness of four diversion programs, and participants were propensity score matched (PSM) to compare defendants. PSM is a common approach in the policy evaluation community that reduces selection bias[2]. The main assumption made in this study is that participants involved in different cases, including misdemeanor or felony, and under different risk levels and treatment intensity shows a different outcome[3]. The main finding is the program reduces instant case convictions, use of jail sentences, and rearrest at 2 years. On recidivism, the study finding shows for those rearrested, and these programs delayed the time of rearrest relative to the comparisons.

[1] Robert C. Davis et al., “A Multisite Evaluation of Prosecutor-Led Pretrial Diversion: Effects on Conviction, Incarceration, and Recidivism,” Criminal Justice Policy Review 32, no. 8 (2021): 890-909.

[2] Ryang Hui Kim and David Clark, “The Effect of Prison-Based College Education Programs on Recidivism: Propensity Score Matching Approach,” Journal of Criminal Justice 41, no. 3 (2013): 196-204.

[3] Robert C. Davis et al

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Annotated bibliography

Epidemiological issue


For this assignment, you will select an appropriate appraisal tool (cohort studies, case control studies, systematic reviews, qualitative studies, et cetera) to analyze three published journal articles related to the topic of hypertension in the African American population. This assignment will help you to develop critical and analytical skills by methodically appraising the merits of published research. A sound appraisal will gather the most reliable information concerning a health problem, relevant research methodology, and conceptual frameworks.

In addition, you will write a brief summary on how you will use the information from these appraised journal articles in your proposed intervention study and determine how the interpretation of the research results described in the articles are affected by information bias, selection bias, and confounding.


  1. Analyze three published journal articles related to the topic you selected for the assignment in Unit 3.
  2. Write a brief summary of how you will use the information from these appraised journal articles in your proposed intervention study and how the interpretation of the research results described in the articles are affected by information bias, selection bias, and confounding.
Document Format and Length
  • Use the Appraisal of Literature Template, attached.
  • Your appraisal document should be 2–4 pages in length.
Appraisal Requirements

The requirements outlined below correspond to the grading criteria in the Critical Appraisal of Published Literature Scoring Guide, so be sure to address each point. Read the performance-level descriptions for each criterion to see how your work will be assessed.

  • Analyze research articles related to an epidemiological issue, using the appropriate appraisal tools.
  • Summarize how information from appraised journal articles could be integrated into a proposed intervention study.
  • Identify the public health data that highlight the severity and magnitude of a selected epidemiological issue.
  • Discuss how interpretation of results from scholarly articles are affected by information bias, selection bias, and confounding.
  • Write clearly and concisely in a logically coherent and appropriate form and style.

Submission Requirements

Proofread your assignment, before you submit it, to minimize errors that could distract readers and make it more difficult for them to focus on the substance of your appraisal.

Requirements: 2-4 pages- template attached

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The articles are pretty informative on the subject of hypertension among African Americans. This information will be helpful in my proposal in several ways. The first article is very informative regarding the role of race in the fight against hypertension. The article enlightens readers on the various aspects of hypertension management, including counseling, adherence to medication, and confidence in self-management. Additionally, the second article enlightens on the risk factors, including anemia, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular and renal comorbidities. The third article mainly focuses on the prevalence of potentially inappropriate medication. It concludes that patients suffering from multiple chronic conditions are highly likely to receive prescriptions that may lead to harmful drug-drug interactions. These articles will be useful in guiding my research questions.

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Epidemiological issue

Data Mining and Analytics

Please answer the following questions. Please note that grading criteria are included within the Word Document. Please carefully read the directions. When completed, save your Word Document, and upload it to the assignment folder.

  1. When we ask questions like, “How much data is too much data-to-data mine?” we seek specific knowledge. For this project, you need to identify a specific information system you use for data mining and explain an issue the information system might have with data mining big data.
  2. When looking at an analytics tool such as Tableau, especially the mapping capabilities, how important is the information it produces? Explain how the mapping capabilities can be used to forecast, for example, sales in an area, new company location, or new product sales.
  3. What are analytics, and what are the different types of analytics?

Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word (no PDFs)
  • Font: Arial or Times Roman, 12-Point, Double-Space
  • Citation Style: APA 7th Edition (Cover page, in-text citations, indented paragraphs, Reference page with hanging indent)
  • Length: 3-5 pages (not counting the cover page or Reference page)
  • Reference Sources: at least 3 or more (no Wikipedia, Investopedia, TechCrunch)

Requirements: in-depth example

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Data analysis is crucial considering the prevalence of big data in the tech and innovation era. According to Husamaldin and Saeed (2019), data analytics explores and analyzes big data to predict and optimize the right decision for an identified problem. The prevalence of different data types informs the need to understand the businesses’ needs, dynamics, and complexities to determine how to analyze and gather solid findings. For instance, descriptive analytics is a popular approach that answers the “what” question through real-time and historical data. The second is prescriptive data which analyzes the historical patterns of a business, informing future predictions. Prescriptive analytics helps determine the best results while identifying data uncertainties for effective decision-making (Husamaldin & Saeed, 2019). Through this system,
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Data Mining and Analytics

Victim and victimizer

In Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, Heathcliff is a complex character who functions as both victim and victimizer over the course of the novel. How is Heathcliff portrayed as a victim in the novel and how does he react to such victimization? Conversely, how is he depicted as a victimizer? Is his behavior as a victimizer justifiable? How does the complex characterization of Heathcliff contribute to the complexity and hybridity of the novel as a whole? Discuss Heathcliff’s character and his position in society using a coherent theoretical approach, such as postcolonial, psychoanalytical, or Marxist.

Important guidelines:

1. Using the E-library may be beneficial to your essay. Make sure the sources you cite are academic.

2. Divide your essay into 5-6 body paragraphs and discuss each question in a separate paragraph with examples and quotations from the work.

3. The word count should range from 1000-1200 words.

4. Revise the final document before submitting your TMA to avoid typos and grammatical mistakes.

5. Use the Harvard style of documentation.

Helpful sources:

Close, A. 2007, “Approaches to Teaching Brontë’s Wuthering Heights”, Gothic Studies, vol. 9, no. 1, pp. 101-103.

LeJeune, J. 2017, “The Violent Take It by Force”: Heathcliff and the Vitalizing Power of Mayhem in “Wuthering Heights”, University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

McDonnell, J. 2013, “The Gothic, Postcolonialism and Otherness: Ghosts from Elsewhere”, The Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies, no. 12, pp. 118-121.

Moussa, P.A. & Mehrvand, A. 2014, “Unwelcomed Civilization: Emily Brontë’s Symbolic Anti-Patriarchy in Wuthering Heights”, International Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 29-34.

Stoneman, P. 2011, ‘Rochester and Heathcliff and Romantic Heroes’, Bronte Studies, vol. 36, no. 1, pp. 111-18

Requirements: 1000-1500

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Based on the psychoanalytical approach, Heathcliff’s vengeful behavior portrays the repressed feelings and desires for hurting his tormentors. According to Moussa and Mehrvand (2014, p.31), Heathcliff’s character reflected his unconscious impulse to seek justice for the hostility he experienced when he started living with Earnshaw. As an outsider, Heathcliff meets a family with basic civilization, and the living environment of Wuthering Heights has “rebellious, uncultivated, free, and “as rude as savage inhabitants” (Moussa and Mehrvand, 2014, p.32). This means that the community members are primitive, vicious, and their civilization cannot compare

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Victim and victimizer