The Injustice Concept

Please follow the instructions

Research Paper, MLA format, it must be 5 pages, essay must be about (injustice)

You will write a research paper of at least 4 – 6 pages (not counting the separate Works Cited page). The paper must use at least three separate sources and each of those sources must be quoted or paraphrased at least one time in your text, properly cited and entered correctly on the Works Cited page.

If possible, include a book source or an ebook source, but given the lack of physical access to the library this is not required. Your sources can all be found on-line but must be from reliable, quality, researched sources, or from a valid website.

Your paper must use MLA (Modern Language Association) style documentation and include a properly formatted Works Cited listing as a separate page at the end of your paper.

In addition to resources you can access through the ACC library website. The Purdue Owl website is excellent. Here is the link. Once you open it you can navigate through scrolling down the content list on the left. I urge you to go to this website soon and explore what it has on MLA research papers.

ou need at a minimum of three sources. But if your paper has four major sections then it’s best to have at least one source for each of those sections.

Once you have all the sources you need then you need to put them into a Works Cited page. This must follow MLA format and style. The ACC library has rules and samples but try the Purdue Owl website. The link below gets you to the overview, but you will see how you can navigate to find details on how to list books, periodicals, electronic sources and others. Due to our limited ability to use the library you may have to rely mainly on electronic sources which includes sources from the internet. So following that section for those is important.

Note in the section on electronic sources it says it is recommended that you add to the entry the access date. This is the date you found and used the source. If you have gone back to it, then use the last date you accessed it. While it is recommended, I want you to include the access date for all your electronic sources.

You must send me your one page Works Cited paper on or before the due date of Monday, July 20. This will be graded. I will send it back to you with any revisions and corrections that need to be made so when you include it in your paper the next week it will be complete and correct.

Once you have a good Works Cited page, then it becomes a matter of being sure each of those cited sources is actually cited correctly in your paper. The key to a successful research paper is correct coordination between you in-text citations (MLA style of course) and the corresponding entry on your Works Cited page.

Be sure to look at the sample Works Cited pages and make yours look the same.

A few notes:

  • The words Works Cited are centered at the top of the page. Do not bold, underline, or increase the font size for the words.
  • Entries must be alphabetized by the first word of the entry.
  • Begin your entry flush left, but if that entry goes past the first line, all subsequent lines for that entry or indented five or six spaces.
  • Simply double space just as in your paper, but don’t add extra spaces between entries.
  • Follow the format exactly in the right order of elements, the right punctuation between elements, the format for dates. All entries close with a final period. Don’t forget your accessed date for electronic sources.

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According to Bufacchi an appropriate way to understand social injustices requires an individual to know how this phenomenon in society promotes social problems (3). The social divide is one major social issue that heightens hatred. In the context by Bufacchi “…injustice relates, often enough, to hardy social divisions, linked with divisions of class, gender, rank, location, religion, community, and other established barriers” (6). In this sense, different groups that experience injustices include women, children, ethnic minorities, and the LGBTQ, who have struggled continuously for fair treatment. The negative attitudes that people develop towards these groups end up creating social divisions. As much as these individuals have advocates who fight for their rights, the flawed social ideologies in human decision-making are significant contributors to the injustices. When looking at historical events during the Civil War,

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The Injustice Concept

Interpersonal communication

Relationship Analysis Paper


The relationship analysis paper is an interpersonal communication exercise designed to help you realize the importance of your communication style and various influences on your relationships.

  • You must choose a person (friend, colleague, partner etc.) and meet FACE-TO-FACE (if possible) or use FaceTime, Skype, or other video conferencing services. Meet with them at least two times for at least 30 minutes each meeting. This should be a time when you are alone with the person and can talk with them.
  • The outcome of this activity is a critical analysis of the relationship. It should be 1270-1290 words in length. The paper must be double-spaced with standard 1-inch margins, 12-point font, and works cited page.

See the assignment description for further details about this assignment.

Submitting this Assignment

I send to you all my files related to this Relationship Analysis Paper work

you can choose someone instead of me. Book also attached

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The people we form relationships with, intimate or otherwise, are determined by various factors (Adler 261). Some people come together and get close as a result of appearances, similarities, complementarity, or even rewards. My relationship with Dwayne stems from the similarities we share and how well we used to complement each other. Although we shared the general love for some items or activities, our preferences we quite different but complementary. I will use our love for basketball to illustrate this point. Even though we are huge basketball fans, we support two very different teams. I support the Los Angel Lakers while Dwayne is a big LA Clippers fan. Besides being neighbors, the love for basketball and the rivalry between the two teams are amongst the reasons we became close.

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Interpersonal Communication

Research Proposal

The followings are the readings mentioned in the prompt section below. One is attached.…….…


Choose whatever you are comfortable with to write about. Be specific.

Here is the assignment:


Create a proposal for a piece of original and meaningful research based upon the following research prompt. Please note that we are not writing a research paper. We are writing a research proposal.


Choose three of our readings from this semester as well as one recent global event of significance (no, it doesn’t have to be COVID-19). Conduct a comprehensive critical analysis using your 3 selected readings as well as at least 10 other sources, ultimately demonstrating how your 3 selected texts clarify or illuminate the recent event about which you are writing.


The proposal project should include the following 3 sections:


This section should be a 250 word (minimum) description of your proposed research topic, including your hypothesis. Why is your research important? How does it expand/extend current research? What do you suspect the outcome of your research to be?


This section will be brief, likely one page only (250 words, perhaps even less), and will detail your approach to this topic. What types of sources will you seek? Why is your approach the most appropriate way to go about your research?

Annotated works cited:

This will be a list of potential sources for your proposed research. The list should be at least 13 sources long. Your 3 selected texts will be among these 13 sources. In other words, you only need to find 10 additional sources, which need not all be from our periodical databases. For each works cited entry, you should include a brief paragraph (3+ sentences) summarizing the source and another paragraph (3+ sentences) explaining how you expect the source to be useful to your research.

This alternative assignment definitely entails a good deal of work, but I believe you will find it fun as well as a nice break from the usual drudgery of writing papers (although I enjoy writing papers).

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Newspaper articles are essential for this study because they contain commentaries about terrorism. Besides, they serve as primary sources for my research hence helps in enriching my research. The journal articles are valuable because scholars in the field have reviewed them, and therefore, they provide an accurate representation of the issue. The books that will be used in this study provide perspectives on the concepts of justice and cruelty in the past. For this research, I am entirely dependent on secondary data since getting primary data for such research is nearly impossible. So I am relying on the analysis of other scholars to draw my conclusions. Terrorism is a relatively new term as it was coined in the twentieth century. Still, some activities that were done in the past that fit the criteria for terrorist activities. Therefore I will include all studies whose definitions of terror entail causing harm to civilians and property destruction.

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Research Proposal

Research Article Analysis

Question Description: This assignment requires you to write a review of the strengths and weaknesses of an academic journal article on a subject that interests you.

You should aim to meet the following goals in your piece:

demonstrate a clear and specific point of view (thesis) that sums up the most important strengths and weaknesses of the article.
include at least three or four points of evaluation (strengths and/or weaknesses).
incorporate specific details (including quotations) from the article to support your point of view.
employ a logical organization method.
make a conclusion that sums up the overall message.

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One of the major weaknesses of this research article is that the author omitted critical information in the introduction part of the research to support its title. The first few words of the article’s title read “Stressing in the Fall.” Therefore, as a reader, one should expect the author to state something related to the actual fall of stress among undergraduate students in the background or introduction section of the research. Contrary, the author has put more details, explaining the increased stress among students and forgot to say something about falling. For example, the author has gone the extra mile and named the percentage of effects of stress, including the “59.6% of respondents,” who reported that they were hopeless (Poole et al., 2018). Such information prepares the reader for other information explaining the rate of falling stress from the various counter-measure strategies. One could argue that the author never intended to mention something to do with the level of stress reduction. However, the author stated that there are “strategies to reduce stress and increase support for mental health among students”

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Research Article Analysis

Christian and Secular Principles

Prompt: Choose three topics from the list below to research. Choose two organizations, one that adheres to Christian principles and one which adheres to secular principles. For each of the three topics you have chosen, compare and/or contrast the role these topics play in each organization. Based on your research, discuss if one organization outperforms the other organization. Explain your reasoning.


 Attitudes and job satisfaction
 Emotions and moods
 Personality and values
Perception and individual decision-making  Motivation concepts and applications

 Groups and teams in the workplace  Communication
 Leadership
 Power and politics

 Conflict and negotiation  Organization structure
 Organizational culture
 Organizational change

o Requirements: Your responses should be submitted in a 1,500 – 2,000-word essay. Type your answers and submit via Canvas prior to start of class. Your paper should include APA-compliant formatting, including title and reference pages. You should use 5-7 scholarly references.

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According to Solomon (2017), CTC is established under Christian values.  The company has its own unique culture that enables it to remain one of the country’s competitive logistic companies.  Its Christianity principle empowers the company to survive in the industry. Although employees are not only needed to be Christians, they are expected to follow and adhere to the company’s fundamental principles and core values. Solomon (2017) highlights that’s CTC core values must transcend in each key player in the company and unite them as one unit working for a common purpose or goal. The company shared values help it makeup team chemistry that not only allow to excel in freight and logistic industry but also excel to its new heights. It is those core values that CTC is committed to preserving as a component of its organizational genes.  Some of the CTC core values include. First, the company expects employees and other company subsidiaries to treat others as they want to be treated. Secondly, employees should put others before themselves.  Also, they should act with integrity, fairness, and honesty in business dealing with vendors, customers, or their colleagues.

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Christian and Secular Principles

Emerging Threats and Countermeasures

In this paper, please research the topic of Response. Please demonstrate a command of the material under investigation and a subject matter expertise in the topic that you choose to write about. You are expected to demonstrate graduate-level writing, critical thinking, critical assessment, critical writing, and advanced research skills.

You are expected to use at least three (3) outside primary source materials in addition to evidence obtained from the course materials from textbook(attached Material)

Note – Please be sure to use complete sentences. Please be sure to demonstrate that you read and understood the material for this module by offering detailed explanations, critical assessments, and analyses of the material that is grounded in cited evidence from the readings, peer reviewed journals, and (whenever possible) real-world examples

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • The paper should be 4-6 pages double spaced, 12 point times new roman font with 1 inch margins. Title page, restating the instructions, table of contents, and references do not count towards the page count.
  • Provide Plagiarism free content. You should follow APA citation rules. (… (Links to an external site.)).
  • Please be sure to proofread, spell check, and grammar check your paper prior to submission.

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Malware is another security threat that is affecting organizations today. Malware refers to malicious software that damages systems and data as it gains access to networks. Malware is delivered as links through emails or files such that when users click the links, the file is executed, and the malware takes control of the computer. The files that attackers gain from using malware are used to demand ransom, especially is the data in their possession is sensitive. Even though malware has existed since the 1970s, it has evolved to match technological changes and security upgrades. According to Jang-Jaccard & Nepal (2014), malware evolves to exploit new flaws in emerging technologies and avoid detection. Some examples of malware are viruses’ worms, spyware, trojan, and ransomware, among other malicious software. All these malware operate uniquely, but they are all dependent on user actions. The common ways of propagating malware are emails, executable files, social media, and instant messaging.

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Emerging Threats and Countermeasures

Legal Research and Case Briefing

Chapter 4

The textbook states that when reviewing a statute, to not limit our focus to a specific section.  It also tells us that when we find a statute that appears to apply, to not stop our research.

Would doing the above be a waste of time and energy to have to explore other sections of an act and to continue researching for other statutes?  Please explain why or why not?

Chapter 5

Why is using the FIRAC method so important versus just writing down your particular notes about a case?  Isn’t the point that you understand the case?

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Each of the FIRAC method parts must be clearly stated in the case briefing to consider it complete. This method is very helpful compared to taking random notes about the case. It is because it serves as an analytical tool to accomplish case briefing (Putman & Albright, 2013). For example, the rules define the alternatives that the court had before the decision was made. Hence, it tells how the court approached the issues raised in the case. Therefore, it is possible to verify the case decisions as per the law. Furthermore, the FIRAC method is a unified model that can brief any case. It means that the results that this method gives are more consistent compared to random note-taking. Besides, the FIRAC method gives students or legal researchers a chance to understand the case. It is because this method provides a clear explanation of how the law got utilized in the case.

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Legal Research and Case Briefing

Formulating Your Brief

According to Kirk (2016), The essence of “Formulating Your Brief” is to “identify the context in which your work will be undertaken and then define its aims: it is the who, what, where, when and how.” It could be formal or informal as any project you think you must make it. This phase is where you create a vision for your work.


Kirk, A. (2016). Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Ltd.

Initial Post

Why is it so important to formulate your brief for a data presentation? Discuss some ways you would implement to formulate an effective brief. What are some advantages to your methods? What are some disadvantages?

Note: You can read the chapter 3 from the attached pdf and also can use resources from google. Please follow APA format and the length of the content should be at-least 200 – 250 words.

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The method selected for brief data formulation is crucial to the success of the presentation. It is because it enhances the ability of the audience to visualize and comprehend the information. There are various ways to formulate a persuasive brief, such as through charts. The use of charts can be very appealing to the stakeholders due to bar graphs or pie charts (Brigham, 2016). Another technique to present data is through PowerPoint slides. It helps make the presentation more attractive to the audience due to the variety of data visualization options such as images, pictograms, and diagrams.

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Formulating Your Brief

Peers on best practices

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Post a thread on how you are keeping organized through the process of creating your research proposal. Include tips that can be shared with peers on best practices in completing tasks, staying organized and meeting deadlines.

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The third tip is to break the work in small segments to build the dream of completing the proposal without being overwhelmed.  Having a narrow topic is also important in an organization to help focus on the area of interest. Throughout the day, I remain organized by clearing my thought to achieve maximum concentration. Sometimes I put on my earphones and play music to remain active and complete each task as planned. The fourth tip is to save time by avoiding repetition or duplication of efforts. One way to achieve this is to use a citation management program to create, organize, and save citations and annotation. This has been useful, especially in writing the literature review. The process of writing a research proposal is overwhelming, and hence all available resources in the organization are necessary.

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Peers on best practices

Quality improvement (QI) evidence-based practice (EBP) and research

The purpose of this assignment is to differentiate quality improvement (QI), evidence-based practice (EBP), and research.

Create a graphic image or visual model differentiating quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research. You can use PowerPoint, that creates a graphic. Be creative in your design. Include the following information in your graphic image or visual model:

  1. Compare and contrast quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research. Identify at least one similarity and difference for each.
  2. Provide an example of quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research.
  3. Explain why quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and research would be applied in a health care setting.
  4. This assignment requires a minimum of 4 scholarly sources.

Use APA style is required for the body of this assignment.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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It is focused on improving patient outcomes and family experience. It also benefits the staff and the organization (Carter et al., 2017). It is focused on improving patient outcomes and family experience. It also benefits the staff and the organization (Carter et al., 2017). Benefits clinicians, the scientific community, and the subjects on some occasions (Carter et al., 2017).
QI efforts are controlled by the organization but influenced by the Centre for Medicaid and Medicare services and others in different regions.   EBP efforts are strictly regulated by the organization. Research is regulated by IRB, state, and local laws, among others, based on the research design.
To reduce drug errors through an increase in nurse’s knowledge and skills for old patients. Nurses adopting the most effective strategies to reduce drug errors in old patients with dementia (Edwards & Axe, 2018) Determining the efficacy of nurse training in reducing drug errors in geriatric care
 Hand hygiene for clinicians and patients to prevent hospital acquired infections. Prevention of hospital-acquired infections through the improvement of nursing care measures and or hand hygiene. A comprehensive model of different strategies.


Determine how the qualification of nurses influences the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections.

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Quality improvement (QI) evidence-based practice (EBP) and research