Communication Channel

For this assignment, think back of a time where you think you used the wrong channel to convey a message to someone in your life. Examples could be sending a text message to break up with someone, or emailing a boss when in both situations you should have talked to them face to face.

In a 2-page paper, written using appropriate spelling/grammar, address the items below. Remember to be descriptive, and use as much detail in your examples as possible.

  1. Describe the relationship you have/had with the person in the interaction.
  2. Explain which channel you used initially and why you think it was the wrong means to communicate with them.
  3. Explain which channel would have been better for the situation and why you think it would have been more effective.

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Reflecting on time, I think I used the wrong form of communication when I was breaking up with someone, we had dated for quite a long time. I believe a weak communication channel was used considering the long-term relationship we shared. This person became my lover after several years of friendship; hence the break up was a significant decision in both our lives. Therefore, I now realize that a better mode of communication should have been used to end things without grudging. This person was not only a lover but a friend to also my family members. It is obvious they play a crucial role in my life, but I chose to take the coward way out, and end things between us.

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Communication Channel

Principles of communication

Go back and review the Communication Principles in the reading and in this module’s lesson content. Familiarize yourself with the information and address the following in your post.

  1. Choose two of the principles of communication.
  2. Provide two examples for each of the principles (so you will have a total of 4 examples by the end of your post).
  3. How could you apply your knowledge of these principles in a future interaction to prevent or reduce misunderstanding?

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The knowledge of these principles of communication can be applied in preventing or reducing misunderstanding in future interactions. Among the ways in which I can apply the knowledge of these principles is by being specific in communication. When sending an email, making a phone call, or talking in a meeting, I can apply the knowledge of these principles by avoiding spending much time giving details that are unnecessary to prevent misunderstanding. This can be achieved by keeping it straight to the point. I can also apply the knowledge of these principles to maintain focus during communication to track the points I want to communicate in the message. This is because when one is not focused during communication, it is easy to forget to share important points on the matter being addressed, which can misguide the audience.

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Principles of communication

Communication Plan for Wells Fargo

The textbook provides an example of using the Pyramid Principle approach to communication using a top-down approach. It consists of an overarching summary statement, with levels of support linked in a dialogue which answers why, what, how, below it. Placing the levels into one sentence helps test the logic and flow (see textbook example). USING this pyramid approach create a communication for your organization and post to the discussion board. Responses from classmates should offer constructive feedback for improvement. (Use this opportunity to create a “real” communication for your organization, department or team).

organization- any bank… 1-2 pages and include pyramid diagram

How its going.. No it is pretty open ended. But I want to focus on a bank for my reply

Good grammar please

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  1. Wells Fargo will focus on maximum use of technology in operations(what)

B.1 The Company will capture new markets (why)

  1. 1.1 Online banking will increase income from a single customer (how)

B.1. 2 Mobile app will enhance customers including those in remote places to access our services all the time (how)

  1. 1.3 ATMs are being increased, and we are focusing on expanding the scope of their services (how)


  1. Wells Fargo is increasing its focus on the customers is its primary value(what)

C.1. It will help increase customer loyalty (why)

C.1.1. We are developing new tools to collect feedback from the customers (how)

C.1.2.We are improving the performance measures in response to customers (how)

C.1. 3. The team will receive ample training on customer relationship management (CRM) (how)


The communication plan outlines a communication in Well Fargo by a top manager to employees on crucial strategic messages. The first level of each message communicates what is to be done, the second level why it will be done, and the third level how it is done. The pyramid principle in a top-down communication is useful to clearly articulate the message to subordinates who were not involved in the planning process (Awasthy, Chandrasekaran, & Gupta, 2011).

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Communication Plan for Wells Fargo

Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace

Q1 discussion

This discussion is about the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace (see page 76 in textbook). Please remember the adhere to Netiquette guidelines (see page 8 course syllabus) so that we can share and be part of an inclusive classroom environment.


Communicating for success is vital for success in the workplace. This discussion is about emotional intelligence and the positive effects at work.
As you studied the chapter on emotions, it is important to manage emotions according to role expectations and social norms (page 265 in textbook). The goal is to create positive emotions (see page 255 in textbook) that create positive feelings when interacting with co-workers and customers alike.

For this week’s discussion please address the following questions:
What would be your part in contributing to a positive work environment with your co-workers? If you do not have work experience, discuss positive emotions you experienced that you might have had participating on a sports team or in a volunteer capacity such as a fundraising event.

What nonverbal messages (body language, tone of voice, eye contact, smiling) can you send that would create an enriching emotional environment. Ultimately, what strategies would you use to create your “dream job?”
Remember, arguably we all might have had in some way or another unsatisfactory experiences in the workplace but the focus in this discussion is on creating and maintaining a positive and polite work environment.

Please contribute your primary post of approximately 350-450 words

Q2 Introspection-Response 2


  • The first part of this assignment is to review the types of friendship discussed on pages 292-293.
  • Review the assignment description and think about two friendship that are important for you.
  • Describe the two friendships in terms of three of the five types of friendships discussed in the text.
  • The assignment needs to be 360-380 words without the assignment description.

Submitting this Assignment

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When creating an enriching environment, I would use several nonverbal messages. For example, I would use eye contact during a conversation. To make it effective, I would ensure that the time I maintain eye contact makes other people comfortable. When people maintain eye contact, they can gauge each other’s responses and interests. I would also use body language, such as nodding, to show that I am paying attention during a conversation. People are motivated to share their minds when they know that they have the attention of others. Another nonverbal message I would use is a soft tone to create a calm environment.

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Importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace

Learning disabilities of American children

In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, research the topic of learning disabilities of American children and address the following:

  1. When is a child’s communication considered delayed? Please include stages of development regarding communication with examples.
  2. What are speech disorders and how are they characterized?
  3. What are language disorders? How does they affect language development and education?
  4. How does a speech language pathologist help children with communication disorders? Explain with specific techniques and examples.

Be sure to include APA citations for any resources you used as references.

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Language and speech development are the two basic components of communication in children. Recognizing the normal language and speech development in children is important in knowing whether the child’s communication is developing right. A child can be affected by communication disorders during early development leading to delay in the child’s communication.  Delay in children’s communication is different, but the stages of language and speech development in children are the same (Lewis, 2017). However, there are variations in the age at which children develop. By the time a child attains one year, the child should develop speech in terms of babbling and cooing. Before a child is 12 months old, he or she should be paying attention to various sounds and saying words like mama.

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Learning disabilities of American children

Public Speaking

Discussion responses should be on topic, original writing, contribute to the quality of the Discussion by making frequent informed references to course materials and the course textbook (include proper APA in-text citations), and be a minimum of 200 words in length. Please refer to your Discussion Rubric for grading details.

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Intercultural communication entails both the verbal and non-verbal components of interacting with others (Pipas and Jaradat, 2014). The aspects of intercultural communication that I am deeply versed in is always asking for feedback. Whether the audience is responsive, I tend to engage my audience to obtain a direct and honest response. However, I need to work on my non-verbal communication, such as body movement and maintaining eye contact with others. Besides, some gestures or actions may have different interpretations of cultures.

The strategies that I will apply to be culturally competent in public speaking are learning critical verbal and non-verbal communication among different cultures. Each ethnic group has rules that govern how they interact with one another. Elements such as body movements, facial expressions, tone, eye contact, and gestures can be received differently due to the varied meanings in cultures (Pipas and Jaradat, 2014). Therefore, I will be thoughtful about the cultural background of my audience to avoid presenting confusing messages.

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Public Speaking

Verbal and nonverbal behaviors

For this discussion, you are going to observe a conversation between two people and comment on both their verbal and nonverbal behaviors during the interaction.

First listen to either a conversation you observed outside of your home, such as at school, a grocery store, an elevator or on a bus. Do not make it obvious you are listening to their conversation, just casually observe. While you are observing, try to answer the following questions and report back about the conversation in your original post.

  1. What do you think the relationship between the two people was?
  2. What do you think they were discussing?
  3. What nonverbal actions occurred in the interaction?
  4. What paralanguage did you pick up on and how did it influence the conversation?

Keep in mind these responses will all be conjecture because you will not know what the true answers are. The point is to see what information you can obtain by simply watching people converse.

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I think the relationship between the two people was that of a couple who engaged in a fight. It seems like they were either dating partners or married, but I could not tell the state of their relationship. However, they were not in good terms because they appeared to conflict about the pregnancy based on their non-verbal communication. All I heard were people shouting and calling each other names. I could tell there were emotions involved in the conversation, and they were couples who had argued about an issue revolving around the pregnancy.

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Verbal and nonverbal behaviors

Wireless networks

Discuss the current methodologies used to secure wired or wireless networks via current Firewall technologies and the potential exposures that currently exist

Summary in 250 words


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The firewall comes in handy when securing a network from various exposures to security threats. Some of these exposures include DDoS attacks and identity theft. The DDoS attack happens on a network, where the targeted server is flooded with fake traffics (Diovu & Agee, 2017), thus denying the legitimate user from accessing the server. However, this exposure is avoidable with a functional firewall, which blocks all fake traffics. Identity theft occurs when an adversary uses the information of another user to execute frauds on the internet. If the firewall is down, an attacker can access user information because there would be no filtering of packets.

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Wireless networks

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Use APA 6th Edition Format and support your work with at least 3 peer-reviewed references within 5 years of publication. Remember that you need a cover page and a reference page. All paragraphs need to be cited properly. Please use headers. All responses must be in a narrative format and each paragraph must have at least 4 sentences. Lastly, you must have at least 2 pages of content, no greater than 4 pages, excluding cover page and reference page.

I will post your Case Study #2 Grades and email your feedback by Wednesday. Therefore, I will extend your case study due date, case study #3 is Due 7/31/2020 by 11:59pm EST. If submitted after 7/31/2020, points will be deducted. If any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Case Study #3: Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

S.H., age 47, reports difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. These problems have been ongoing for many years, but she has never mentioned them to her health care provider. She has generally “lived with it” and self-treated the problem with OTC Tylenol PM. Currently, she is also experiencing perimenopausal symptoms of night sweats and mood swings. Current medical problems include hypertension controlled with medications. Past medical history includes childhood illnesses of measles, chickenpox, and mumps. Family history is positive for diabetes on the maternal side and hypertension on the paternal side. Her only medication is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and diuretic combination for hypertension control. She generally does not like taking medication and does not take any other OTC products.

Diagnosis: InsomnIa

1. List specific goals of therapy for S.H.

2. What drug therapy would you prescribe? Why?

3. What are the parameters for monitoring the success of the therapy?

4. Discuss specific patient education based on the prescribed therapy

5. List one or two adverse reactions for the selected agent that would cause you to change therapy.

6. What would be the choice for second-line therapy?

7. What OTC and/or alternative medicines might be appropriate for this patient?

8. What dietary and lifestyle changes might you recommend?

9. Describe one or two drug–drug or drug–food interactions for the selected agent.

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The second inline therapy would be Estazolam. This is also an insomnia therapy for chronic insomnia. According to several pharmacology types of research, this therapy also has high efficacy in the treatment of sleep disorders. It is among the therapies that have lower probabilities to adverse effects on its users. Notably, Estazolam has no adverse effects such as somnolence and nausea unless the patient has withdrawn from the medication abruptly. Withdrawal from the medication is supposed to be slow and gradual to avoid the side effects. Over the counter (OTC) medicines, are those the S.H can buy without a doctor’s prescription, but through the following the label, they can be administered safely. Melatonin is an appropriate OTC that the patient can apply. This medication will critically help S.H in controlling her natural sleep-wake cycle in a more relaxed way. Research has shown that hormone melatonin supplements are useful in the treatment of jet lag and so its effectiveness for chronic insomnia treatment (Edelson et al. 2020).

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Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

Interpersonal communication

Relationship Analysis Paper


The relationship analysis paper is an interpersonal communication exercise designed to help you realize the importance of your communication style and various influences on your relationships.

  • You must choose a person (friend, colleague, partner etc.) and meet FACE-TO-FACE (if possible) or use FaceTime, Skype, or other video conferencing services. Meet with them at least two times for at least 30 minutes each meeting. This should be a time when you are alone with the person and can talk with them.
  • The outcome of this activity is a critical analysis of the relationship. It should be 1270-1290 words in length. The paper must be double-spaced with standard 1-inch margins, 12-point font, and works cited page.

See the assignment description for further details about this assignment.

Submitting this Assignment

I send to you all my files related to this Relationship Analysis Paper work

you can choose someone instead of me. Book also attached

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The people we form relationships with, intimate or otherwise, are determined by various factors (Adler 261). Some people come together and get close as a result of appearances, similarities, complementarity, or even rewards. My relationship with Dwayne stems from the similarities we share and how well we used to complement each other. Although we shared the general love for some items or activities, our preferences we quite different but complementary. I will use our love for basketball to illustrate this point. Even though we are huge basketball fans, we support two very different teams. I support the Los Angel Lakers while Dwayne is a big LA Clippers fan. Besides being neighbors, the love for basketball and the rivalry between the two teams are amongst the reasons we became close.

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Interpersonal Communication