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Write a reader response to the reading and focus on a character’s development. Focus on characterization, but choose any character you like. See the Character Analysis Resources provided. Set a new minimum word count of 200 for each journal. MLA Style document design required.

Include mention of the author, the title of the work, the genre (short story, novella), the time period, and offer a direct quote from the text to support your strongest point. Cite your sources. Optional: Go further and quote the author of Binti < ???? or the following literary analysis of “The Mulatto” : “Seeds of Rebellion.”

Requirements: 200 Words

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George battles with race identity because he is neither black nor white. He questions his mother about his parentage and lineage but receives no response. George did not get to know the identity of his father since his mother silenced his inquiries. In one situation, her mother says, “hush George, the walls have ears, and someone will talk” (Daut, pg. 15). Since George is categorized as a Mullato, it is expected he will not be enslaved. However, this is not the case due to the racial conflict of his origin. Jack Sejour characterizes George as a Mullato to indicate that race does not matter since he does not receive any prejudice or class. Sejour also characterizes George with a vengeance since he ends up killing his father. The genre of race is portrayed to indicate that any form of segregation destroys the social fabric. One would assume that George would have an easy way since he is a mulatto. George takes his father’s life in vengeance for the slavery he has been subjected to together with his mother.

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Character Analysis Resources