successful communication.

Assignment about successful communication.

-Use the eight phases of the communication process to analyze a miscommunication you’ve recently had with a co-worker, supervisor, classmate, teacher, friend, or family member. What idea were you trying to share? How did you encode and transmit it? Did the receiver get the message? Did the receiver correctly decode the message? How do you know? Based on your analysis, identify and explain the barriers that prevented your successful communication in this instance.

– Complete this assignment in approximately two-three pages.

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Communication is the process through which people can communicate common views, ideas, thoughts, or other types of information fragments to other community members. There are different types of communications which depend significantly on the environment in which the communication is happening. Formal and informal communication are the two broad types of communication (Valente, 2019). Formal communication occurs in organizations’ formal bodies through official channels, while informal communication happens without the organization’s formal body structure. Successful communication happens in phases. There are eight steps involved in the communication process. The stages are the sender, the message, encoding, channel, decoding, receiver, feedback, and noise. Skipping one of the eight steps results in miscommunications (Jureddi et al., 2016).(633words)

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