Environmental justice

You will be investigating your local area or state and identify one scarce resource. Please identify an environmental policy or program you plan to examine in the paper that has been used to deal with this scarce resource. Make sure that the proposed topic has a sustainability component to it. Define the policy or program, discuss its importance/relevance, outline its scope and objectives, and identify the stakeholders that are in the project. Do you think the policy or program to deal with this scarce resource will allow for more sustainability or not? What are your recommendations given all of the research you have done? Do you agree with the regulations/laws that have been proposed to help bring about sustainability? This paper should be five pages in length, which does not include your title and reference page that should be in APA formatting. You will need to make sure that you have at least 5 academic sources in your paper that are clearly noted to help either support or refute your position. You will need to include either one graph or table in your paper to present the data you are working with.

Please submit a three to five page paper; this does not include your title page nor your reference page. The project should address all questions listed above.

The project should be in APA Format and incorporate research and sources should be credited using APA format. Academic research should include text books, journals, articles and organizational resources.

Requirements: 3/5 pages

If you want to pick Virginia, that would be great. I posted another question if you’re interested.
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Environmental Policy/Programs that address this Scarce Resource Issue

According to Huffman et al. (2018), the federal government’s various departments, such as the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), offer funding programs to address the scarcity issue. For instance, the Betterment Loan Program under the Virginia Code § 32.1-164.1:2 is an organized initiative that funds the establishment and reinstallation of failing onsite systems (Huffman et al., 2018). The importance of this program is enabling the board of health to identify legit lenders to offer betterment loans, allowing community members to repair, replace, or upgrade failing systems. The funding program’s scope and objective focus on reducing public health threats, ground and surface waters, and reducing nitrogen discharges (Huffman et al., 2018). As mentioned, the key stakeholders are the board members of VHD health and homeowners responsible for obtaining loans from the identified lenders.

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Environmental justice