Multidisciplinary study

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In the past, evaluating instruction was generally perceived to take place at the end of the instructional process. However, evaluation that takes place during the process of instruction, referred to as formative assessment (Links to an external site.), provides important evidence and data for reteaching, accelerating, and/or providing additional learning experiences through various modes. Summative evaluation (Links to an external site.) comes at the end of instruction in the form of final exams, unit exams, or end of course exams.

Instructors should remember that there are numerous other techniques other than testing for evaluating student performance.


As an instructional leader, how will you influence the appropriate development and implementation of assessments followed by the use of assessment data to inform instructional practices?

  • What action will you take to ensure teachers and trainers understand how to interpret student data?
  • What methods of communication will you utilize with students/learners to ensure they embrace assessment in a positive manner
  • Which alternative assessments will you encourage your teachers/trainers to use for assessment of student/learner performance?
  • How you will encourage “student/learner voice” in the assessment of performance.
  1. Be sure you cite your text book or at least 2 other sources and add resources at end.
  2. Be sure to respond to at least 2 classmates posts.

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Based on the outcomes, the teacher can interpret whether the students’ performance was excellent, satisfactory, or a fail. Further, when assessing performance, it is essential to encourage “student/learner voice” by giving them a platform to express themselves. Group discussions would be strategic since they encourage the students to hear different views from their classmates and defend their arguments accordingly. Generally, this helps the teacher determine whether the students have grasped the content.

In conclusion, the assessments provide essential data that informs trainers about their students’ performance progress. Further, they empower teachers by helping them learn their students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning needs. Therefore, trainers must identify

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Multidisciplinary study