Dimension of Nursing

For this written assignment, select one recent (within the past two years) evidence-based article from a peer reviewed nursing journal that describes a “best practice” in an area of nursing you are interested in. For example, if you would like to be a pediatric nurse, select an article that discusses a best practice in pediatric care

Cite the article and provide a brief overview of how the results or findings were obtained. Then describe the “best practice.” Conclude your discussion by explaining whether you thought the research findings supported the conclusions and the best practice.

This assignment must be no more than 3 pages long. It should include all of the required elements. Use APA Editorial format and attach a copy of the article.

Requirements: 3pages

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Based on the selection criteria addressed above, the findings from the 13 selected articles involved randomized controlled trials, retrospective cohorts, and qualitative research. Six journals containing randomized controlled trials showed significant evidence and support for implementing multimodal analgesia acute pain management. Studies involved patients who had undergone bunionectomy, abdominal surgeries, and cardiac surgeries. Further, six retrospective cohorts portrayed substantial support for the multimodal analgesia among patients who had undergone orthopedic surgery. According to Tavernier (2022), orthopedic procedures are highly recognized as complex and painful, influencing intense exploration of the efficacy of multimodal analgesia to address this problem. The qualitative research findings explored the nurses’ and other healthcare professionals’ views regarding how they felt managing acute pain among patients with scheduled lumbar spine surgery. Despite having low levels of evidence and being subject to bias, the results showed that nurses expressed high frustration levels due to the fear of promoting addiction (Tavernier, 2022).

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Dimension of Nursing