Cloud computing

1-Case Project 7-5: Would your school or place of work benefit from cloud computing? Identify at least two cloud computing vendors and research their features and costs. Then look at one element of your school or work network infrastructure and apply it to cloud computing. Would it be feasible? Why or why not?A one page paper is not necessary, just answer the questions above and remember to cite any additional sources.

2-Why should a person make sure to use secure protocols opposed to unsecure ones like FTP?

3-What are the potential effects of a network device not being properly placed in the correct place on the network?

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AWS has a mobile hub that allows users to access services using android and IOS (Stergiou et al., 2017). Besides, AWS has a mobile SDK feature that supports Web, Unity, React Native IOS, and Android (Stergiou et al., 2017). AWS provides On-demand, reserved instances, saving plans, and spot instances pricing options. Some of Google’s cloud platform features include artificial intelligence and machine learning features, API management features, computing features, data analytics features, databases, and developers’ tools (Stergiou et al., 2017). Google cloud platform employs VM instance pricing, networking pricing, sole-tenant mode, GPU, disk and image, confidential VM, and VM manager modes of pricing.

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Cloud computing