Educational experience

1- Tell us what characteristics of Loma Linda University are particularly attractive and meaningful to you and why you have chosen to apply for advanced education. (500 words)Required

2- Discuss how your spiritual origins, development, and experience have influenced and been integrated into your daily life. (500 words)Required

3- Tell us the desirable qualities that you see in yourself that you believe would aid us in considering your application. (500 words)Required

4- LLU believes deeply in integrating spiritual values into the educational experience. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe such a faith-based education would be of special benefit to you. (500 words)Required

First of all, this is Luma Linda Dental School

For question #4, I am catholic and I believe that praying help me to clear up my mind and it helps to be good in my life especially school.

For the other Questions I will attach you my personal statement, please keep my personal statement save.

Also, please look up at Loma Linda Dental school to see their values and mission.
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Growing up, I was always surrounded and indoctrinated into Christianity. Doing this helped me recognize the importance of God with regard to healing. Loma Linda University incorporates a faith-based approach in matters of health care. Choosing the school will give me an opportunity to expand my knowledge base with regard to the health care ministry. Diversity amongst the student population and the teaching staff is another feature of Loma Linda University that caught my eye during my college application. The school gets acclaimed for having an ethnic diversity rating above the national average. It occupies the one hundred and fiftieth spot concerning the most diverse learning institutions in the United States. The fact that I born in Iraq makes me part of an ethnic and racial minority group. Such a phenomenon has previously been an encumbrance to my studies, considering I moved into the United States in 2012 to continue with my high school education. There are limited learning opportunities for students with a background akin to mine in the United States.

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Educational experience

Patient’s health conditions

This week we will be reflecting on current trends and issues within your role.


Please note:

  • This is a reflection and therefore no references are needed nor expected
  • Your response should be 200-250 words in length.

Requirements: 200-250

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That is because they have higher exposure to Covid-19 and are more likely to get tired due to overworking. Adapting to new treatment and vaccination protocols have not been easy. That affects them emotionally and physically, making it hard to provide adequate care putting their patients at risk. The third major challenge is doctors’ opposition to expanding the roles of FNP. NP roles are limited in certain states, limiting how patients receive care. That makes it hard for an FN to keep a followed progress with their patients as there are a lot of interruptions which makes it hard for the nurse to provide quality care, impacting the patient’s health outcome.

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Patient’s health conditions