Role-Based Access Control in Microsoft Azure

I have been tasked with implementing an access control solution based upon users’ roles. Write a 2–4 page paper on how you would go about doing this assuming that the cloud environment is either Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS) (pick only one). The paper should include details on the following RBAC/access control features:

Roles, Secure remote access, Policies, Encryption, Federation/Single Sign-on (SSO), Logging and monitoring, Resource permissions.

Requirements: 2 pages

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It is necessary to ensure that the different roles are assigned their specific security permissions for accessibility. The database will consider the three levels of permissions, including; database queries, app screens and interfaces, and individual concepts. For example, for logging in to access a respective database, the user will be exposed to customized queries, guiding them to their specific roles in the database (Ferraiolo e al.,2003). On the same note, monitoring is enhanced through the permissions act as regulations determining who can access certain information. The regulation ensures that only authorized persons can access sensitive information. For instance, in Azure RBAC, authorized and controlled access to information is achieved by secure remote access, such as the single sign-

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Role-Based Access Control in Microsoft Azure