DNA of humans

For this assignment you are to write a 5-page paper on an anthropological topic of your choice. 5 pages of information plus a cover page and references cited page. The topic is about Primates ( chimpanzees )

Paper must be in APA format, 12 point font double -spaced, left-justified, spelling and grammar checked, references cited page. Use proper, APA in-text formatted citations. You may include pictures, maps, timelines as attachments at the end if they help explain your topic.


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Understanding the various behaviors associated with chimpanzees is vital. As such, this section of the paper will focus on their eating habits, social organization, reproduction, and their interactions with humans. Chimps predominantly consume leaves and fruits. Despite this, their diet will differ depending on their habitats and the seasonal availability of food (Pester, 2021). Like people, chimps are also omnivores, meaning they will sometimes consume some meat. They are also intelligent animals, considering they use not only various approaches to locate their food but also use different tools when doing this (Pester, 2021). Chimps have often been observed using tools that any other animal would not be able to use except for people. For instance, people have witnessed chimps using rocks to crack open nuts, removing leaves from twigs to help them collect termites from inside their mounds, and even crushing leaves and using them as sponges to clean themselves (Pester, 2021).

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DNA of humans