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¶Alan Wallach, Exhibiting Contradiction (1998), pp. 105–17.
¶Exhibition reviews in Time [13 May 1991]; Newsweek [27 May 1991]; Art in America [September 1991], and The Nation [July 1991].
What does the dust-up over the West as American exhibition at the Smithsonian suggests about the extent to which museums should try to offer viewers revisionist history?

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Here are pages 105-117 from the Wallach book.


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The opposers believed that the exhibition would critique the historical art of the American West with high reliance on conventional art using historical ideals. For example, artworks of Judas’s Kiss and the Last Super convey scenes of Western discovery (Wallach, 1998). The lack of linking traditional Christian imagery was a concern because the artworks failed to demonstrate consistent ideologies of the historical narratives. However, the proposers, precisely Smithsonian, objected to the critiques’ views citing that the measures taken to enhance diversity aimed to promote freedom bearing in mind that visitors were accustomed to being patronized by the traditional museum feel.

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American exhibition